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Marbury opens up on E:60

04.29.09 at 11:25 pm ET

On this week’s episode of ESPN’s E:60, Lisa Salters sat down with Stephon Marbury for an in-depth look back at his road to the Boston Celtics. Marbury opens up about the highs and lows of his 13-year NBA career, including leaving Kevin Garnett and the Minnesota Timberwolves, returning home to the New York Knicks and the turmoil that ensued, the impact of his father’s death, and signing with the world champions.

On 2009 NBA season:
Everything that I went through this year, it was tough. It was like being in jail. Then to end up in this situation, it’s like you go from hell to being in heaven.

On demanding a trade from the Timberwolves in 1998:
I don’t want to tell you that I’ma stay, I’ma stay, I’ma stay here, and then when it’s time to re-sign, then I leave and then ya’ll stuck and then ya’ll don’t have a point guard. So I was looking out for the franchise and I was trying to do the honorable thing. [Salters: Why didn’t you want to stay?] I just wanted to, I wanted to move, move on. You know I wanted to leave Minnesota. I didn’t want to live there.

On joining the Knicks in 2004:
That was one of the happiest times of my life. [Salters: Why?] Because I got an opportunity to go back home. I got an opportunity to play for the team that I idolized. I felt like going home was gonna be perfect for me.

On Knicks sexual harassment case:
I wasn’t proud of the things that I did. Not at all. You know it wasn’t the right thing, you know. I made a mistake, I’m human. And I asked for forgiveness, I apologized. There wasn’t nothing else I could do.

On death of father, who suffered heart attack during Knicks game unbeknown to Marbury:
I basically lost my mind when my father died. You know, going to the psychiatrist was the best thing that I ever did. You know growing up, growing up in the projects you think you go to a psychiatrist, people are gonna think you’re crazy. No. You’re crazy if you don’t go. I had post traumatic stress from different things that was going on. [Salters: Was it diagnosed as post traumatic stress?] Yeah. He told me, he was like you’re a mess right now, basically.

On being benched for 2009 Knicks season opener:
He (head coach Mike D’Antoni) never told me that I wasn’t going to play. [Salters: So how’d you find out?] I sat my butt on the bench and I watched the game. That’s how I found out.

On refusing to play when asked by D’Antoni on two occasions:
I was like no I’ll pass. I want to continue moving forward like you guys said ya’ll wanted to do at the beginning of the year when you said you didn’t want to utilize me and play me because you said you were going in another direction. [Salters: Why didn’t you want to play?] Because they didn’t want me to play at the beginning. He didn’t want me to play. [Salters: For someone who loves the game so much and loves to play …] It wasn’t about that. He didn’t want me. He didn’t want me, he didn’t want to coach me. He didn’t want me at the beginning. He said I don’t want, I don’t want you on this team so you’re not gonna play.

On charity work being overshadowed by reputation:
It’s ok. It only matters what’s going on with the people who’s receiving the blessing.

On signing with the Celtics in February:
I mean it’s just, it’s new. It’s brand new because you haven’t had that feeling before, to be around the champs every day, to be be able to hear the positive energy, the positive love.

On how he’ll be remembered by Knicks fans:
I really don’t know. I’m only worried about how I’m going to be remembered by the Boston fans. [Salters: So how do you think you’ll be remembered by the Boston fans?] As the guy who came in, you know, at a time when they were trying to, trying to repeat, and he came in and tried to do everything that he was supposed to do to help win the championship.

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