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Ewing Guarantees Victory over Celtics

WALTHAM – Patrick Ewing [1] doesn’t need to be playing to guarantee a Game 7 victory over in the Celtics [2]. In fact, he doesn’t even need to have a proven track record of accurate predictions. The Magic assistant coach is certain his team will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday.

‘€œIt’s a whole team. Everyone has to step up in a Game Seven. Bring your A-game. Get our there and play with your hearts on your sleeve and come away with a win,’€ Ewing said in an interview aired on ESPN. ‘€œEven though I’m not playing, I’m guaranteeing a win.’€

That guarantee sits well with Doc Rivers [3], who was teammates with Ewing on the Knicks.

‘€œOh that’s great. We feel great about that,’€ Rivers said after practice on Saturday. ‘€œI’ve been on those Knicks teams where he had some predictions.’€

Rivers could not hide his sarcasm. Click here [4] to see just how well Ewing’s past predictions have panned out.