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Ainge: We’ve had discussions

06.23.09 at 10:20 am ET

WALTHAM – Danny Ainge has heard all the same rumors that everyone else has about the future of Rajon Rondo.

Only he, as Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Celtics is actually in a position of authority to comment on it and take action.

Ainge will gladly do the first part but as for the second part, don’t expect Rondo to be headed out the door anytime soon.

“The notion that we might be trading him because of some reason other than we think we could be better, or trading any other player of some reason, his contract situation,” Ainge said Tuesday morning at Healthpoint in Waltham. “I’ve heard speculation that we’re dissatisfied with him or his attitude. That stuff is so false.”

“We love Rajon and I’m not going to comment on which rumors are true or not true,” Ainge said. “We love this kid and I don’t anticipate trading any core”

That’s not to say Ainge and the basketball operations staff haven’t had discussions with other teams that include the starting point guard.

“We’ve had discussions but we have discussions everyday,” Ainge said.

Ainge said he’s also talked with Rondo at the team’s practice facility after the guard just return from a trip to China.

“I have talked to Rajon,” Ainge said. “He’s been working out here in the facility and we talked about some of the rumors. He really has been oblivious to most of them except when the media brings them to his attention and he goes, ‘Oh, I didn’t even know that.’ When I talked to him, he had just gotten back from Beijing.”

As for what the Celtics might or might not do with their 58th pick on Thursday night, Ainge said it’s highly unlikely they’ll move up but could trade it away altogether.

“I wish we had a first round pick,” Ainge said. “But were probably better served by adding a veteran player.”

Ainge said he has no intention of trading away core players if it means not challenging for a championship next season.

“This opportunity (to win title) is unique,” Ainge said. “If we had an offer that makes us better we’d have to consider it”

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