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Report: Rondo would be happy to stay in Boston

Sports Illustrated recently caught up with Rajon Rondo [1] to discuss hot topics surrounding the upcoming season, including the return of Kevin Garnett [2], the addition of Rasheed Wallace [3], and the possible outcomes of his current contract situation. As long as the Boston Celtics [4] want Rondo on their team, he told SI he’d be happy to stick around [5]:

SI.com: You could sign a contract extension this fall or you could test free agency next summer when a number of teams will be looking to buy talent. Is that an enticing possibility?

RR: That could be, but it’s still early so I’ve got some time to see how things settle in Boston. If it doesn’t, I’ll play out the fourth year and see how things go next summer.

SI.com: Is it safe to assume you’d prefer to stay with the Celtics?

RR: If the Celtics want me, then I’d be happy to stay.

Click here [5] for the rest of the interview.