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KG: Last year humbled us

Kevin Garnett [1] admitted on Monday that watching the playoffs on the bench last year was one of the most painful experiences of his career as he nursed bone spurs behind his right knee.

“I think last year did one thing for us, if anything, it humbled us,” Garnett said during media day for the Celtics [2]. “I think, if anything, it showed that team is everything, not one or two players get things done. I’m eager to see how we come in and how our minds and how we all are in camp. This is our bonding. This is all the time where the guys we haven’t played with … see how they all fit.”

Here are some audio highlights from Monday’s media extravaganza at the Sports Authority Complex in Waltham.

Garnett said he’s excited for the beginning of camp to see what the Celtics have [3].

Garnett said he’s ready to go full blast [4].

Garnett said last year humbled the Celtics [5].

Garnett said Rajon Rondo and Lester Hudson seemed fast when he played pickup last week [6].

Paul Pierce said KG looked good getting up and down the court [6].

RayAllen said the Celtics Big 3 feel like it’s two years ago all over again [7].

Doc Rivers discussed why camp is so important [8].

Rivers talked about trying to build his team’s endurance through a long season [9].

The Celtics [10] left Monday for Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I., as camp begins on Tuesday.