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NBA tells players to take a seat

10.02.09 at 2:31 pm ET

For anyone who has had their view of the game blocked by a towering Kevin Garnett or a towel-waving Tony Allen, they won’t have to worry about that again this season.

Mixed in with the news of the NBA’s social media guidelines was a new policy on sideline behavior. According to a memo obtained by, the league is restricting players from standing on while they are on the bench. This comes in response to complaints received last season.

Marc Stein reported, “Starting this season, league rules dictate that players will be required to remain seated on the bench while the ball is live except to ‘spontaneously react to a notable play [and] immediately sitting down on the bench afterward’ or ‘to approach the scorer’s table to report into the game.’ The memo states that ‘players will not be permitted to stand [in front of] the bench at any other time while the ball is in play, including standing for the last minute of a game or standing until the team scores its first point in game.’”

According to the memo, teams may be fined for not following the rule.

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