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Doc: ‘KG has zero knee pain’

10.09.09 at 7:02 pm ET

Before the Celtics‘ preseason game against the Knicks on Friday night, Doc Rivers explained the current state of Kevin Garnett‘s recovery from knee surgery.

“He’s healthy. He has zero knee pain, but he does have shin splints and aches and all that stuff,” Rivers said. “So, you’ve got to watch that, especially during preseason.”

Rivers noted that while he is cautiously limiting Garnett’s playing time, he hopes to keep him on the court for more consecutive minutes. Garnett played 13 minutes on Wednesday’s game against the Rockets. He scored six points and grabbed five rebounds.

“What I’m trying to [do is get] him back to his playing normal minutes in a game, and he hasn’t done that since he’s gone out. And that’s been a long time,” Rivers said. ” So, what we’re trying to do, and I thought actually he didn’t play enough minutes in some ways in the first game in a row, and so we’re going to try to correct that and then build from there.”

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