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Marc Spears Discusses Davis and Rondo on D&H 10/27

Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist Marc Spears appeared on the Dale & Holley Show this afternoon to talk about the Celtics [1] season as well as the issues concerning Glen Davis’ [2]injury and Rajon Rondo [3]‘s impending 2010 free agency.

Click here [4]to hear the full audio and read below for highlights.

Do you hear anything on this [Glen Davis [5] injury] story?

Nothing that you guys probably haven’€™t heard already; just that it was over something stupid. And that more details will come today, but that he is going to be out for a long time. Not season ending, but a long time. A long time, are we talking about one month? Two months? Somebody tells me a long time, I’€™m thinking three to four.

Wyc [Grousbeck] has said today that a suspension is very likely. Why would the Celtics [6] suspend him?

Because this is in-season, they’€™re ready to go. They have this to turn down maybe bringing in some other big men or the big fellow they just cut [Mike Sweetney] they probably they could have kept him. I am sure they don’€™t want to cut [Lester] Hudson [7]. This is a non-basketball injury and it’€™s a silly one. So they are going to go down hard on him. I’€™ll tell you what, Big Baby is one of the nicest people you will meet in the world and this is very, very shocking to me. I know at times things could happen that may not be the most mature things in the world as we saw right here. This is a surprise, this really is a surprise. I just say maybe wait until the entire details come out and see what happens why this guy threatened him like this. Hopefully he didn’€™t make any threats to his girlfriend or anything which caused the situation. I am sure there is an interesting story behind it but I heard it was a stupid story.

Don’€™t you think with the addition of Rasheed Wallace [8]that was insurance for [Kevin] Garnett [9], that the presence of Big Baby on the roster was double insurance for Garnett?

The thing that makes it tough is how many minutes do you want Kevin to play right now? His minutes just went up; Rasheed’€™s minutes just went up. They had it all set up where it was going to be a four big rotation with Burke and obviously with Baby and now those other three guys. I don’€™t how much you expect Sheldon Williams [10]to do, but Doc is going to trust those three guys and now you might have three to five minutes to Kevin’€™s minutes per game. You might have to add five to seven minutes to Rasheed’€™s minutes per game, which you’€™re talking about two older guys. You don’€™t want that wear and tear on him but it’€™s going to happen.

You wrote about the Rajon Rondo [11] situation on Yahoo! Is this just normal agent negotiating posturing or are they serious he’€™s not going to sign?

He’€™s not going to sign. Go look at the free agent list 2010, find me a better point guard. Yes, LeBron [James] [12] and Dwayne [Wade] [13] and [Chris] Bosh [14], and possibly Dirk [Nowitzki] [15] and Amar’€™e [Stoudemire] [16]. But if you look through there, there isn’€™t any point guards and there’€™s a lot of money to be thrown around next summer. It’€™s actually to me pretty smart to wait. Because now he’€™s seems to be much more mature, he’€™s going to be a better player, his jumper is getting better. As good as he is playing now, by the end of the season, he’€™s even going to be more valuable.

Now the thing you have to remember, the Celtics have him restricted, but my worry about that for Boston is that you never know, teams can be very, very creative. I remember when I was in Denver, Andre Miller [17]was a restricted free agent although he was with the Clippers [18], and the Nuggets [19] gave him a very interesting contract where $20 million was given to him in the middle of training camp in his first season. So basically October 15th, he got a $20 million check.

So what happens is, while the Celtics still have the restricted card, you’€™re giving the team the chance to be creative and find something that could scare a team away from doing something or make a team say ‘€œYou know what, maybe we should work a sign and trade thing,’€ which is another thing Denver ended up doing with a restricted free agent years ago in Kenyon Martin [20]. So, it’€™s just adding a chance for somebody to be creative and get something done. To me what this does is ensure that he’€™s going to get the money that [his agent] Bill Duffy wants that is representative of somebody who’€™s a top five point guard in this league. Is he a top five point guard in this league? Time will tell, but I think next summer he will have the game to make sure he gets paid the way he wants to.

Are there advantages to the team if they suspend Glen Davis to replace him on the roster? Are there technical reasons why they would do it?

Probably one thing to gauge in is the Monta Ellis [21]situation last year, when he had the moped incident and they had to suspend them. It seems like the only advantage is they aren’€™t going to have to pay him. That’€™s about it, but there was talk that the Warriors [22] were seriously considering cutting him. They could have cut him because of I guess you could say a moral clause break thus making him just a free agent and getting out of his contract. Now, if they want to get out of his contract and cut him because of this, they might be able to do it without it being on their books, but I don’€™t think they will do that to Glen. Unless he’€™s out for the season and they feel like their back is against the wall and they feel like they have to bring someone in.

But he’€™s not going to be out for the season. They definitely will probably recoup their money during the time he’€™s gone. If they suspend him, that means he’€™s not around, he’€™s not practicing; he’€™s not by the team, it’€™s like ‘€œGo away.’€ While he made a mistake, you’€™re talking about a guy that it will be very, very devastating to.