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Davis: It was a ‘stupid mistake’

10.30.09 at 8:33 pm ET

Even though he needed a little prodding from general manager Danny Ainge next to him on the podium stage, Glen Davis characterized his actions that resulted in a fractured last thumb last weekend.

“It was a stupid mistake, a stupid mistake,” Davis said, after Ainge helped him answer the initial question. “Like Danny said, it’s something I most definitely have learned from looking forward.”

Sporting a white cast on his right hand and forearm, Davis continued to express his remorse for getting involved in an altercation last Sunday that has put him out of action for the next six weeks.

Ainge said Davis has made his apologies to everyone, including his team and now it’s time to move forward.

“My teammates are my teammates,” Davis said. “They’re there for me, no matter what. I just am thankful that I have great teammates like that.

“It’s been tough watching those guys play and not being there and be able to experience those experiences with them. I just want to move on, work hard and stay in shape to make sure I’m ready to play.”

More from Davis:

“I wish it would never have happened. I wish I could have learned without making this huge mistake but things happen for a reason. I’m just thankful that the organization and the fans and everybody with the Boston Celtics have welcomed me back with open arms.”

“I feel like life is full of decisions. Some decisions are more crucial than others. And any moment you can make the wrong decision to alter your life. What I’ve told myself is that I have to think about everything I do, from the little things to the [big] things and make sure I use this as a build of character and not to destroy who Glen Davis is.”

On how happy he is not to be suspended: ‘€œOh I’€™m so happy, I’€™m full of joy. You kow basketball is a comfort for me and not being able to playa and being around all these guys, being around the organization, it hurts even more and that’€™s why I’€™m glad the owners and the organization is welcoming- and the team has welcomed me back with open arms. And everybody’€™s looking forward to me getting back and working hard.

On whether any C’€™s are angry: ‘€œIts crazy cause when it happened I already felt every ounce of disappointment. I felt every frustration, just everybody who has a part of building the Celtics and everybody who has a part of supporting the Celtics. I just realize a huge mistake and am glad its over with and I can get on back to supporting my team and helping my team out..’€

On how hard to watch opening night and not play: ‘€œI cant even describe man,  more sad, more frustrated, there was so many emotions. I feel like I let a lot of people down. It hurts, it really hurts but like I said it’€™s a character builder and I can let this make me or break me and I chose to let it make me and be the man that I need to be to help the Celtics, to live a healthy life.’€

‘€œThis summer was a crucial summer for me, just becoming a professional.  And when I made, when then this happened it was tough thinking about all the hard work I put in.  And it just made me realize that I haven’€™t, I’€™m not where I need to be.  I’€™m not where I need to be as a professional, because professionals make the right decisions at crucial moments, and at that time I didn’€™t.  I have a lot of work to do in order to be the player that I need to be and also the man I need to be.  I’€˜m just happy the Celtics and the team and the fans are willing to let me be that man.’€

‘€œFriends are gonna be friends.  We just make bad decisions.’€

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