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House Stays Hot with Suns

To Celtics [1] fans, he is known as ‘€œE-House.’€ To Channing Frye [2], Eddie House [3] has another nickname.

‘€œI call him the ‘Cheat Code,’ really because every time he shoots you think it’s going in,’€ Frye said. ‘€œLike in a video game, a basketball game, you put one person into one spot and they’re going make it every time. And that’s him. Yeah, he’s the ‘Cheat Code.’ ‘€

Frye came up with the moniker after watching House drain trey after trey, day after day this summer. House, who played in Phoenix during the 2005-06 season, lives in Arizona during the offseason. He trained with Frye and the Suns [4]before reporting to training camp in Boston.

‘€œThat’s the best runs that you can get in Arizona,’€ House explained. ‘€œSo as soon as those guys start getting into town, I go up there and we get some runs.’€

House donned his Celtics [5] workout gear and hit the court with the Suns to stay hot during the offseason. He capped off last regular season by breaking the Celtics franchise record previously set by Danny Ainge for 3-point shooting in a single season (.444). The Suns were impressed by the skills that earned him that mark.

‘€œAny time he’s open it’s like, ‘Dang it’s going in,’ ‘€ said Jason Richardson [6].

Added Frye, ‘€œWe were playing to 15 and he’d make five 3’s ‘€” one, two, three, four, five ‘€” boom, game over.’€

Grant Hill [7] chimed in as well.

‘€œI tell you what, that guy did not miss. He’s a great shooter,’€ Hill said. ‘€œThere were some days that he got hot, and when a guy like him gets going it can be fun to watch.’€

House may be shooting 44.4 percent from behind the arc again this season, but it wasn’t just his long-range abilities that made an impression on the Suns. They noted his knack for improving their game, too.

‘€œIt makes it so much easier because he knows how to score. He’s always looking to get you open because he knows if he gets you open, he’s going to get open. Just being able to play like that, he’s extremely unselfish. I was I him, I’d shoot it every time I touched it,” Frye said with a laugh.

Of course there is more to being a Celtic than just offense. The 10-year veteran was diligent on defense.

‘€œHe just came in with a lot of energy, doing the things he’s capable of doing ‘€” shooting the ball, handling the ball a lot, and just handling tough defense,’€ Richardson said. ‘€œIt says a lot, that he’s going to come in in camp in shape, wanting to be ready for the season. When a veteran’s doing stuff like that during the offseason ‘€” a lot of veterans don’t do anything until the last week before camp starts. But he was in there early, getting up shots, working hard, and getting ready for the season.’€

Even though they are on opposing sides during the NBA season, House is welcome back with the Suns every summer.

‘€œNobody cares, we love him,’€ Frye said. ‘€œHe’s just an overall great guy. Just the way he plays is just ridiculous. He’s a great teammate. I think Boston has a great advantage every time he’s out there on the court. He’s probably one of the most underrated guys in the league. Just his ability to shoot, he tries to play good defense, and that’s all you can ask out of anybody.’€