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Horford: There was no bet

11.13.09 at 7:33 pm ET

BOSTON — Al Horford wants to clear the air — he never made a real bet with Paul Pierce.

“It was just some free throw talk,” he explained to on Friday prior to the Celtics and Hawks game. “I mean, that’s all it was. It was on the court. They were just talking about how they were going to beat us and, you know, I just retaliated. He said it in a jokingly way about betting, but it never meant nothing more than maybe just a little extra motivation for the next game.”

Horford made waves last month when told 790 the Zone in Atlanta that he and Pierce had made a $10,000 wager during the 2008 playoffs. On Friday night he was greeted to Boston with questions of the incident that took place two seasons ago. Now he just wants to move on.

“I was [surprised by the media attention], I was, but I was glad that I had a chance to speak it all out and make sure that I dealt with that and answered all the questions,” he said. “There was just nothing there.”

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