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Celtics looking for bonding on trip

WALTHAM  —  Doc Rivers [1] laughed when asked to characterize the upcoming road trip through Miami, Charlotte, San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

“It’s an important trip because it’s four good teams, unfortunately all four teams are playing well,” Rivers said [2]. “But that’s what you have to expect when you go out on the road.

Indeed, the four teams have a collective record of 32-28, with only Charlotte (6-9) under .500.

But Paul Pierce [3], on Saturday after practice, said this is a good chance for the Celtics [4] to start proving what they’re made of.

“This is a time where where you have to concentrate more,” Pierce said [5]. “We understand what being a successful road team is about in the past. It will give us more focus time. I think we understand being on the road, we have to focus a lot more. You can’t play the way we’ve been playing at home on the road because you won’t get those wins.”