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Some C’s New Year’s Resolutions

12.30.09 at 11:49 pm ET

You’ve heard the routine list of New Year’s resolutions before ‘€“ join a gym, clean the house, finish the renovation that was supposed to be completed last year. These vows of self-improvement are a little bit different for the Celtics, though. asked the C’s, ‘€œWhat is your basketball resolution for 2010?’€

Tony Allen: ‘€œPush myself to exhaustion. See, I was a little held back this summer due to the fact that I was walking around in a boot all summer, which kind of hindered me from getting into that gym. Now I can go countless hours. I can go hard.’€

Ray Allen: ‘€œI never wait until New Year’s. On my Facebook page today I said, ‘Don’t wait ’til New Year’s to turn over a new leaf. Do it now.’ It doesn’t have to be New Year’s. Every day I’m thinking about, I can work on my turnovers, work on my defense, work on getting my 3-point field goal percentage up. It’s like my head is spinning because everything is a constant, so I won’t wait until New Year’s.’€

Brian Scalabrine: ‘€œTo watch my personnel breakdowns every game. I get a DVD of guys who I would be guarding and it’s like 45 minutes. Probably like 85 to 90 percent, I watch it. Ten percent of the time, sometimes I don’t. [I’d resolve] just to be consistent and watch every single game. It’s just different guys every time. For me, just a little advantage I can get from it is worth it.’€

Shelden Williams: ‘€œI don’t do resolutions. I just don’t. A lot of people make them and then after a few weeks, a month, whatever, they don’t stick to them. So I don’t really do it. I’ve never gotten into it.’€

Lester Hudson: ‘€œ[Work on] everything ‘€” ball handling, shooting, passing, defense. I’m going to practice 10 times harder than I am now. I practice hard now, but for me right now I’ve got to pick it up another notch, so that’s why I said 10 times harder. Of course, I have to practice outside of scheduled practice. I’m going to go on my free time. I don’t have too much to do [in my free time] so I’m going to try to do as much as I can.’€

J.R. Giddens: ‘€œDo everything I’m doing right now. Working my tail off, that’s all I can do. All I can do is work. Obviously I can’t predict my own end result so I’m going to just keep working.’€

Rasheed Wallace: ‘€œGetting that ‘ship, winning that ‘ship. Plain and simple, to win that championship. That’s the ultimate when you’re a professional athlete, no matter if it’s football, basketball, baseball, whatever, to win that championship.’€

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