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Doc on Baby’s fine: ‘I thought it was extreme’

01.22.10 at 9:09 pm ET

Doc Rivers was asked for his reaction before Friday’s game to the $25,000 fine doled out to Glen Davis for his obscenity-laced response to a fan in Detroit on Wednesday night.

“I have no reaction,” Rivers answered initially.

But then, as he always does, Rivers offered more perspective.

“It was high,” he added. “I thought it was extreme but I do understand, I get it,” Rivers said.

Rivers then gave a more light-hearted view on the matter.

“You just can’t do what he did and get caught. That’s my last joke on that.”

[Listen to Doc Rivers talk about Baby’s fine in detail by clicking here.]

“It’s very difficult,” Rivers said. “Some of the things we hear in the  crowd is just absolutely amazing. There are times I stare up at the guy and hopefully, that menacing look will stop him and it usually doesn’t. Usually, the beer wins out. But it is tough but you have to [control yourself]. It’s not like it’s something new. It’s been going on for quite a long time, for years.”

Davis was fined heavily but not suspended and played on Friday night against Portland.

“They get on the player, and they should, we know it,” Rivers said of fan heckling. “But some of the stuff we hear, a guy sitting next to his son, it’s pretty embarrassing.”

This caps off a week in which Davis was fined $25,000, Rasheed Wallace was docked $35,000 for criticizing officials on Monday in a loss to Dallas and Rivers himself was fined $25,000 for getting ejected from a Jan. 14 loss to Chicago.

“We’re doing very well,” Rivers said. “We’ve been on a roll. I don’t know if this has been a record week for us but it definitely feels that way.

“The fines are the fines. The league has decided they’re going to fine guys and they’re following through. Is it a deterrence? I don’t know. Clearly, not yet. Hopefully, soon.”

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