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New rumors: Glen Davis and DJ Augustin

The latest Celtics [1] trade rumor involves the Charlotte Bobcats [2] and point guard D.J. Augustin. You may remember Augustin as the rookie point guard who suggested last season that the C’s try to intimidate people and if that doesn’t work, they fold. The kid gives good quote if nothing else.

The initial rumor from Chris Broussard on ESPN [3] involved Augustin and Glen Davis [4], but as others [5]have already noted, that wouldn’t work straight up because Davis is what is known as a base-year compensation player. The short version is that Davis’ $3 million contracts counts half in trade scenarios, but counts for real against another team’s cap.

Charlotte Observer beat man Rick Bonnell checks in to suggest [6] that Davis may not be the object of the Bobcats interest and that maybe, Larry Brown [7] would like to be reunited with Rasheed Wallace [8]. There has been nothing to suggest that the Celtics are interested in moving Sheed, despite his less-than-stellar play this season.

That’s a lot of smoke, but not exactly a fire, and as Zach Lowe from Celtics Hub suggests [5] perhaps all of this is a small part of a much larger move. It certainly has that feel.

So, who is D.J. Augustin? He’s a shortish point guard with a scorer’s mentality who has fallen out of favor after a strong rookie season. This is a pattern for Brown who falls in and out of love with young players, particularly point guards, all the time. From the Celtics perspective, Augustin could be a younger version of Eddie House [9] with better ball-handling skills, so he is an intriguing player.