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Rondo’s All-Star game plan

02.12.10 at 7:02 am ET
Rajon Rondo is making his debut as a member of the East All-Star team. (AP)

Rajon Rondo is making his debut as a member of the East All-Star team. (AP)

This weekend, Rajon Rondo will be making his NBA All-Star team debut representing the East. He learned a lot from his trip to the 2008 All-Star Weekend as a member of the Rookie-Sophomore game — “It’s a lot of work, really,” he said. “There’s not as much free time as you think” — and is ready for Dallas.

Dressed to Impress: In addition to the game, All-Star Weekend is filled with events that draw the “who’s who” of the NBA.

“I’m sure everybody’s going to be in their best, probably. I try to dress my best all the time, but I’ll just have fun with it, I guess. I’m definitely big on my appearance but I look forward to just packing and probably taking a long time to pack. I’ll pick out what I want and I’ll probably overpack. I usually do that on the road trips so, so I’m sure with All-Star Weekend I’ll probably overpack.”

Red Carpet Must-Have: Flashy suits aren’t Rondo’s thing. It’s all about what’s on his wrist.

“Probably a nice watch, really. Clothing, I mean that’s just pretty much is what it is, but a nice watch probably sets the outfit off right. A nice — I wouldn’t say expensive — but a nice, casual timepiece. [My dream watch is] a Patek Philippe. I have a couple of IWCs, a couple of Bell & Rosses, I have a Breitling. Probably a Patek Philippe.”

Undercover Kicks: Rondo won’t reveal just yet which sneakers he’ll be sporting for the All-Star Game.

“Nike will provide me with them. I think I’m going to have two, but I think I pretty much know which ones I’m going to be wearing. They’re low-cuts, that’s about all I can really say. I can’t really describe them. I’ve played in them already, but they’re not All-Star colors.”

Cheering Section: Friends and family of No. 9 will be making a trip to Dallas.

“Everybody — brother, sister, high school coach, cousins, friends I haven’t seen in 17 years … I actually only reserved like eight [tickets], but I don’t know if I’m going to get all eight.”

Hitting the Gift Shop: There’s just one souvenir Rondo wants for himself from All-Star Weekend.

“I’m sure they’ll have all the souvenirs, I probably won’t get much. As long as I get my jersey, that’s all I pretty much need. Put the jersey in the house and put it in frame, but other than that, I’ll bring other people other stuff. Maybe hats, T-shirts, socks, practice gear.”

Dunking Predictions: This year a rookie has caught Rondo’s eye to take the Slam Dunk trophy.

“I’ve got to go with [DeMar] DeRozan, if he gets in. He’s pretty athletic, he’s a rookie, something new, nobody’s ever seen him dunk before. Maybe he’s got something crazy.”

Showing His Support: Rondo plans to be front and center when Paul Pierce competes in the Three-Point Shootout.

“I’ll probably be baseline with a 34 jersey on. “

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