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All eyes on New York

02.18.10 at 10:17 am ET

Late last night the Rockets pulled off a major deal when they agreed to a trade that would send Tracy McGrady, Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey to the Kings for Kevin Martin, Hilton Armstrong, Sergio Rodriguez and Kenny Thomas. ESPN and Yahoo! Sports have the particulars.

Celtics fans have become well-acquainted with Martin over the last few weeks. The Kings have maintained that they wouldn’t move the scoring guard except for a young big man, and while Landry is not as well-known as the other players in the deal he has emerged as one of the best sixth men in the NBA and is a major scoring threat on the low post.

The other big piece is McGrady, who carries an expiring contract worth almost $23 million. The Kings, presumably, have no use for him and speculation has swung back to the Knicks who have been in talks with the Rockets about McGrady for weeks. The key for New York is unloading Jared Jeffries who has another year left on his contract after this one.

McGrady could be relayed to the Knicks along with Rodriguez for Jeffries, Larry Hughes and rookie Jordan Hill. The Knicks have also been said to be in talks with the Bulls about sending Al Harrington to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas and another player.

This is where the Celtics re-enter the picture in their quest to land Nate Robinson. The salary cap math doesn’t work on a Robinson for Eddie House swap so the two two teams would have to find a third team to help facilitate the move. Suddenly there are lots of third teams potentially available. Various reports have also indicated that J.R. Giddens would be involved somehow.

The Knicks also pulled off a minor deal Wednesday when they traded Darko Milicic to Minnesota for Brian Cardinal. The Knicks plan to release Cardinal, which would clear a roster spot, no small consideration. Before all the wheeling and dealing the Knicks were at the 15-player limit.

That’s a lot to sift through as we approach the 3 p.m. trade deadline. Indications remain strong that Robinson will be joining the Celtics, perhaps as early as tonight when they play the Lakers. How he winds up getting there is still to be determined.

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