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Halftime wrap: Celtics vs. Lakers

At the half, the Celtics [1] have a 53-48 lead. The Lakers grabbed an slim advantage early in the second quarter, but the Celtics were able to build an 11-point lead capped by a thunderous Ray Allen [2] dunk on Shannon Brown [3]. LA came right back, however, led by Lamar Odom who had a big dunk of his own on Kendrick Perkins [4]. Ron Artest [5] leads the Lakers with 12 points.

Both teams will deal with foul trouble in the second half. Allen has three fouls as does LA’s Andrew Bynum [6].

Tony Allen [7] and Glen Davis [8] gave the Celtics energy, if uneven, minutes off the bench. Both players got on the glass and attacked the basket, but both had trouble finishing. Still, by the time the starters returned to the floor they had given them a 41-34 lead.