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Second Quarter Wrap: Celtics vs. Nets

Doc Rivers [1] kept the starters on the bench for the first five minutes of the second quarter. The Nets [2] pushed the lead up to 37-31 before the Celtics [3] called a timeout to regroup. During that stretch the Celtics shot 2-for-7 while the Nets shot 3-for-6.

Kendrick Perkins [4] and Rajon Rondo [5] checked back in to little avail. The Nets took a 46-36 lead — a 20-point turnaround — and prompted boos from the crowd.

The Celtics picked up some steam once the remaining starters got back on the court, but only cut the deficit to seven-points, 49-42,  at halftime. Perkins picked up a technical along the way.

Kevin Garnett [6] leads the Celtics with 10 points. Brook Lopez [7] scored a team-high 13 for the Nets.