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Second Quarter Wrap: Celtics vs. Cavaliers

The Celtics [1] trail the Cavaliers [2], 54-48, at halftime. Both teams scored 30 points in the second quarter.

After Saturday’s practice, Kendrick Perkins [3] said Anderson Varejao was an instigator [4] on the court, and he has proved to be on Sunday. Varejao has scored 15 points and grabbed 6 rebounds off the bench.

Kevin Garnett [5] leads the Celtics with 10 points. Rajon Rondo [6] has posted eight points and six rebounds.

Glen Davis [7] committed another tough foul against the Cavaliers. He practically leapt at Antawn Jamison [8] and knocked him to the ground while shooting a 3-pointer. He picked up three fouls in the first half.

The Celtics are 0-for-6 from behind the arc while the Cavs are 5-for-12.