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Celtics land 19th pick in draft

04.16.10 at 6:54 pm ET

While it’s uncertain what will happen over the next few weeks in the playoffs, there is some certainty with the Celtics in June:

They will have the 19th overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft.

On Friday at the Board of Governors meeting in New York City, NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson conducted random drawings to determine the draft order among teams with identical regular-season records.

The Celtics (50-32) won a four-way tiebreaker with the Spurs, Thunder and Trail Blazers to land the 19th spot. The order is reversed in the second round, so the Celtics will have the 52nd pick.

There were a total of six tiebreakers conducted. Picks 1-14 will not be determined until the NBA Draft Lottery on May 18.

See the picks that have been determined so far:

First Round

15.  Chicago (To Milwaukee)
16.  Charlotte (To Minnesota via Denver)
17.  Milwaukee (To Chicago)
18.  Miami
19.  Boston
20.  San Antonio
21.  Oklahoma City
22.  Portland
23.  Utah (To Minnesota via Philadelphia)
24.  Atlanta
25.  Denver (To Memphis)
26.  Phoenix (To Oklahoma City)
27.  Dallas (To New Jersey)
28.  LA Lakers (To Memphis)
29.  Orlando
30.  Cleveland (To Washington)

Second Round

31. New Jersey
32. Minnesota (To Oklahoma City)
33. Sacramento
34/35. Washington
34/35. Golden State
36/37. Detroit
36/37. Philadelphia (To Milwaukee)
38/39. New York
38/39. LA Clippers (To New York via Denver)
40. Indiana
41. New Orleans (To Miami)
42/43. Toronto (To Miami)
42/43. Memphis (To LA Lakers)
44. Chicago (To Portland)
45. Houston (To Minnesota)
46. Charlotte (To Phoenix)
47. Milwaukee
48. Miami
49. San Antonio
50. Oklahoma City (To Dallas)
51. Portland (To Oklahoma City via Dallas and Minnesota)
52. Boston
53. Atlanta
54. Denver (To LA Clippers)
55. Utah
56. Phoenix (To Minnesota)
57. Dallas
58. LA Lakers
59. Orlando
60. Cleveland (To Phoenix)

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