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Rivers on LeBron’s MVP: He deserves it

WALTHAM — We still don’t know if LeBron James [1] will wind up winning the MVP award with a unanimous vote, but there was no argument from the Celtics [2] about his worthiness.

“He deserves it,” Doc Rivers [3] said. “He earned it all year, so congratulations. I don’€™t think after Kobe [Bryant [4]], and [Kevin] Durant [5] and Dwight Howard [6], who doesn’€™t get enough credit for what he does with that team, there weren’t a lot of other choices.”

James is scheduled to be awarded the trophy by David Stern [7] before Game 2.

“I hope it’€™s a distraction for them,” Rivers said. “It won’€™t be a distraction for us. None of us are getting it. Hopefully he won’€™t give a long speech and we can go and play basketball.”

The glamour matchup in this series is James and Paul Pierce [8], but Rivers suspects that James won’t simply be guarding Pierce.

“Paul’€™s going to be Paul,” Rivers said. “We’€™re not going to be going away from Paul because LeBron is guarding him. Paul’€™s our offensive guy so we’€™re going to still go to him. I don’€™t think LeBron will be guarding Paul but half the time. I think LeBron will be guarding Rondo and others.”