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Perkins: ‘I might need to smile a few times’

05.28.10 at 8:28 pm ET

A day after the NBA rescinded one of Kendrick Perkins technical fouls from Game 5, allowing him to play in Game 6, Perkins said he still has to play physical. The difference is, he may incorporate a new facial expression into his reportoire.

‘€œI go out there and play my game,’€œ he said prior to Game 6 on Friday. ‘€œI can’€™t worry about if I’€™m going to get another tech. I cant play like that. I’€™ve got to go out there and do my job. If they want me to play physical, I’€™m going to play physical. I might need to smile a few times. That might help me. Ive got to go out there and play. I cant worry about nothing else.’€

Perkins still  has six technical fouls on his record in the postseason. He will face an automatic one-game suspension if he is called for his seventh.

Another player who also expects the game to be physical is Marcin Gortat. Based on what he saw in Game 5, the Magic big man thinks Game 6 will be even tougher.

“It’€™s definitely going to be more physical. I’€™m 100 percent sure,” he told “After the last game, what we did to Boston was definitely tough for them and difficult, so I believe it’€™s going to be harder today. For both teams, the game will be very physical, but hopefully the referees will handle it the right way.”

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