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The day after for Ray Allen

06.09.10 at 2:57 pm ET

Following his 0-for-13 shooting nightmare in Game 3, Ray Allen spoke to reporters for about 20 minutes before the Celtics‘ practice on Wednesday. He quickly dismissed a radio report that suggested he was at the team’s practice facility shooting jumpers at 7:30 on Wednesday morning, telling the assorted media that he was asleep until 10 AM.

When he was asked about the biggest difference between Game 2 (NBA finals record eight 3-pointers) and Game 3, Allen didn’t hesitate.

“My thigh,” said Allen, who took a first-quarter shot from Ron Artest. “I took a knee to the thigh.”

But Allen was also quick to give credit to a Lakers defense that has held the Celtics to 41 percent shooting in the first three games of this series.

“They gathered out to my shot very quickly, adjusted well. You know, a couple of shots early I missed, and I think after that they got it back out to my shots very quickly. Maybe four or five shots they got their hand on. They had an outstretched arm in front of my ball all night.”

Allen “watched the tape” of Game 3, but he isn’t going to dwell on it or even use it as motivation for the rest of the finals. He seems comfortable chalking it up to A) the thigh, B) the Lakers’ defense and C) one of those nights that happen in the life of a shooter.

“I don’t question it [Game 3] I just move forward,” Allen said. “Just focus on getting a good rest today and moving forward.”

The referees have played a leading role in this series, and were once again on center stage in Game 3.

“You know, we didn’t have a great whistle,” admitted Allen. “Not a lot of calls yesterday went in our favor. But again, we have got to make our breaks. We had great opportunities last night, I think offensively down the stretch we just didn’t do what was necessary.”

When asked if his Game 3 goose egg would lead to any changes in preparation for Game 4, Allen responded with a “nope” before the question was even finished.

As for the thigh, Allen said on Tuesday night that he thought it would probably be sore the following day. He was asked Wednesday if that was indeed the case.

“It’s sore,” Allen said. “It’s difficult walking up and down the stairs.”

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