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C’s face uncertain future

LOS ANGELES — All around the silent Celtics [1] locker prior to Game 7 lay uncertainty. Not about the game. That will take care of itself and while the players weren’t talking, they aren’t suddenly lacking for confidence tonight.

Rather, the unknown lies in what happens after the game. The Celtics have five players under contract for next season: Rajon Rondo [2], Kevin Garnett [3], Kendrick Perkins [4], Rasheed Wallace [5] and Glen Davis [6]. A sixth, Paul Pierce [7], has a player option. Not counting Tony Gaffney and Oliver Lafayette, that leaves seven players who will become unrestricted free agents.

Perhaps the most uncertain future lies with the coach, Doc Rivers [8]. He has another year left on his contract but he also has indicated that he won’t make a decision about his future until after the season. His kids are elite athletes in high school and college and he has expressed on several occasions a desire to spend more time with them.

Rivers acknowledged before Game 7 that the thought has crossed his mind that this could be for it for the core of his team.

“Yeah, you do think about that,” he said. “I always allow myself to think about that. I don’t want it to distract me, but it could be for some of the players on our team. That’s why you want them to do so well. It’s how they’re going to be remembered around here, and so I think that’s very important for them.”