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Tony Allen’s mom: ‘I’m sure he hates to leave’

After the news came out that Tony Allen [1] would be signing a free agent deal with Memphis, Allen’s mother, Ella Allen, told the Boston Herald [2], “He is definitely going to miss the Celtics [3] ‘€” it’€™s a great team with great people. I know he is going to miss his friends. He really liked those guys. I’€™m sure he hates to leave.’€ She also explained in the article that she believed her son would stay in Boston, adding, ‘€œI am very surprised, but my son makes his own decisions, and I support him 100 percent.” But she did recognize the business side of the signing when she told the Herald, “They raised him. But sometimes change is good. It’€™s a business, and he just had to do what he had to do.”