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Artest: ‘Doc got one million excuses’

On his Twitter page [1], Lakers forward Ron Artest [2] took issue with suggestions that his team’s triumph over the Celtics [3] in seven games was impacted by the absence of Boston center Kendrick Perkins [4] in the decisive Game 7 after the 7-footer blew out his knee in the previous contest.

Artest seemingly took issue with Celtics coach Doc Rivers [5]‘ contention that the Celtics have never had the opportunity to defend the 2007-08 title with the same core group at full health, noting that the Lakers have been without Andrew Bynum [6] in their title runs.

“Boston lost to lakers because of [the] Kendrick Perkins injury. What about in [2008] when Bynum was injured. What about this year Bynum was injured,” Artest wrote in three consecutive tweets. “What about Kobe played with a broke finger …. What about Ron [Artest’s] defense [w]hen the Boston staff said Ron [A]rtest was too slow. … Doc got one million excuses.”