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Celtics countdown

We’ve reached the end of our countdown of the 10 most important developments of the offseason, and not a moment too soon. The Celtics [1] will officially put the summer behind them when they open training camp with their media day on Monday.

Here’s the full list:

No. 10: The Kids Are Alright [2]

No. 9: Tony Allen Leaves [3]

No. 8: The New-Look Bench [4]

No. 7: Perk’€™s Surgery and Sheed’€™s Departure [5]

No. 6: Rondo Leaves Team USA [6]

No. 5: Can Jermaine O’€™Neal Man The Middle [7]

No. 4: Shaquille O’Neal Shakes up the Offseason [8]

No. 3: Ray Allen Returns on his Terms [9]

No. 2: Paul Pierce Continues his Legacy [10]

No. 1: Doc Rivers Takes One More Shot [11]