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Celtics: Irish Coffee

It’s time again for your morning cup of Irish coffee. Following the referees’ annual meeting late last week, the NBA announced new guidelines for technical foul calls. Guyism explained [1] all four new guidelines with some comical Rasheed Wallace [2] footage, of course. The guidelines are as follows …

These stricter rules could spell trouble for the Celtics [3], even without Rasheed. Kendrick Perkins [4] (16), Kevin Garnett [5] (6), Paul Pierce [6] (5) and Rajon Rondo [7] (4) all finished in the top 50 for technical fouls last season. Based on the above descriptions, Perk might be eligible for a technical foul roughly every time he hears a whistle. Heck, he might even get a handful of techs before he comes back from the knee injury.

The Reclamation of Delonte West [8]

Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Lie has an interesting take [9] on Delonte West‘s return to the Celtics. He believes this C’s team could be just what the doctor ordered for West, who has suffered from mental issues throughout his career.

“So even with the nonguaranteed contract, you would hope that the Celtics are in it for the long haul, and not for some guy to take a chance on because Tony Allen [10] followed the money to Memphis,” writes Dwyer. “Because this really could be the first season of the rest of Delonte’s life, in 2010-11, as their supportive environment and steady work could be the best possible thing for West as he tries to move forward.”

NBADL Rule Change

The NBA and NBA Development League have reached a deal [11] that allows as many as three players cut from an NBA roster to be assigned to their D-League affiliate. So, the Celtics could potentially store training camp invitees Chris Johnson [12], Stephane Lasme and Jamar Smith in Maine with the Red Claws (Did Jackie Moon [13] play for them?). I’m sure all four Red Claws fans are drooling at the opportunity to watch Stephane Lasme all winter. Tickets must be flying off the shelves.

Perfect Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce spoke to the media [14] on Saturday following a fitness rally for his charities, The Truth on Health and FitClub34. After a “perfect” summer, he’s excited to chase another title.

“I’ve been in the gym for the last couple of weeks and I’ve probably seen everybody,” Pierce told the Herald. “I’ve been comparing this to the last couple of years. It’s like a new energy with Shaq, Jermaine. You can just kind of feel it around the practice facility–just the energy, the vibe of the guys in the locker room–that we left something behind last year and that’s the trophy.”

Energy isn’t the first word that comes to mind when I think of Shaquille and Jermaine O’Neal [15] (“The O’Neal brothers,” as Doc Rivers [16] has dubbed them).

Shhhhhh! You’ll wake Bill Russell [17]!

I’m not exactly sure why I found this [18] so funny, but I did. Hats off to GrahamSpector.tumblr.com for that.