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Shaq gossip all over the Radar

Don’t shoot the messenger on this one, but I thought¬†this story [1] from RadarOnline.com was weird when I read that Shaquille O’Neal [2]‘s ex-wife Shaunie reportedly offered Shaq’s alleged mistress, Vanessa Lopez, an “incentive” to go public with an affair in order to nullify the terms of their pre-nup. But that’s the least bizarre aspect of the story.

Twist No. 1: According to RadarOnline.com,¬†Shawn Darling, who used to work for Shaq, accused his former boss [3] of hacking into his computer, destroying evidence and planting child pornography. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the old blame the cat [4] for your disgusting kiddie porn trick that some guy tried a few months back. And, somehow, I don’t picture Shaq as the computer hacking type. Or should I say computer shaq-ing type (that was bad, I know).

Twist No. 2: Now, RadarOnline.com reports [5] that Shaq allegedly hired Justin Zormelo to harass Lopez. Zormelo denies this claim in an e-mail to the website: “The allegations are completely untrue. I have never spoken to that woman, nor threatened her.”

I have no idea what to make of all this. Lawsuits are flying everywhere. Messy stuff. Whether the info is true or not, it obviously creates an unwanted distraction for Shaq.