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Irish Coffee: Celtics Get No Respect

Wake up with the Celtics [1] and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

NBA.com released its ninth annual GM Survey [2], and I’ll tell ya: Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than the Celtics. Sixty questions were posed to the league’s general managers. Here are the highlights (or lowlights) …


I got a lot on my mind this morning, so I’m gonna keep giving you bullet points. Here are five things I learned from the Celtics broadcast last night …

For more on last night’s preseason opener, check out Paul Flannery‘s Three-Pointer [23], touching on Erden’s emergence, Shaq’s presence and the C’s depth.


 Larry Brown [24] on the Thunder [25]: “I look at Durant and some of our young guys in the NBA, and I think our league’s in pretty good shape. And this team probably is a testimony to that. Look at their young kids. They’re not only terrific talents, they’re better kids. They’ve done the greatest job of bringing in good kids that represent the league well. When they’re talking about respect for the game, that team’s a poster child for that. So the West better watch out.”
(NOTE: Larry, just don’t look at Lance Stephenson [26].)

Mike D’Antoni on Danilo Gallinari [27]: “If Gallo came out this year, he would have been the No. 1’€ pick in the entire draft.”
(NOTE: Um … Mike … have you heard of John Wall [28]? If not, you should check him out.)

Reggie Miller [29] on the Celtics [30]: “Just watched 1st half of C’s vs Sixers, sorry Heat fans right now Celtics team to beat in East.. But long season…”
(NOTE: So, Reggie watches one half of a preseason game and predicts the entire season? Good enough for me.)


ESPN 3D announced its broadcast schedule [31] for the upcoming season. The first-ever NBA telecast in 3D will feature the Knicks vs. Heat on Dec. 17. The C’s only scheduled 3D appearance comes vs. the Hawks on April 1. Of course, they could be featured in one of the three potential Eastern Conference playoff broadcasts. So, for all of you with $4,000 [32] to blow on a 3D TV, you better go out and get it now for that one game six months from now.


Some guy over at Dime Magazine had a pretty good idea: Come up with a new name [33] for all 30 NBA teams. He just didn’t execute the idea. Here’s his take on what the C’s should be called …

“Boston does have some Irish people, I’€™ll give them that, but they’€™re not the only people in town. Not even half. One of the things most Bostonians have in common is that crazy Boston accent, the Kennedy accent. So instead of changing the nickname, I’€™m just going to change the name of the city and the arena. The Bawstin Celtics play in the TD Gahden.”

That’s all you could come up? Honestly? Is this how the rest of the country sees Boston now? Just a bunch of idiots from The Town or The Departed who mispronounce their R’s? I’m sure I could come up with a hundred names better than this attempt. The Founding Fathers? The Teabaggers? The Mumbles Meninos? There are three in three seconds. Any more ideas?