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What’s up next for Shaq? A snowman, the subway, and dressing up like a woman

10.24.10 at 1:58 pm ET

WALTHAM — Just days after heading to Harvard Square to pretend he was a statue for an hour, Shaquille O’Neal revealed what his next experiments will be.

Initially, Shaq mentioned that his next public foray will be seasonally-based.

“I thinking of buy a snowsuit, standing in the middle of a field and have people throw snowballs at me,” he said. “Something different.”

But then, after a suggestion from a reporter that he could integrate the ‘T’ into his next field trip, O’Neal latched onto the idea.

“No, never,” he said when asked if he had ever been on the subway in Boston. “That’€™s a good idea. I’€™m going to do that. What’€™s today? Sunday? I’€™m going to do that next week.”

O’Neal then took it to another level when explaining how he was going to appear when boarding the train. He said that he would be dressing up as a woman named, “Shaquita,” “I’m going to do that,” he said.

As for his experience at Harvard, O’Neal said that the idea came from seeing the discipline of the Buckingham Palace guards and other military personnel.

“For me I can always tell my friends I went to Harvard,” he noted. “When I say I went to Harvard, you can take that for how you want to take it. I went to Harvard, I stood at Harvard, and I graduated from Harvard. So now I’€™m smart.

“I’€™ve always liked Boston. The people here have always treated me right. Go to [Legal’s Seafood] and get that clam chowder. Go to (an Italian restaurant) for that big spaghetti bowl. I’€™ve never had problems in Boston, that’€™s why I can go to Harvard Square by myself for an hour, people just touch me, have someone say they’€™re my son. Just have a good time.”

Asked how his experience with the Celtics has been compared to other teams he has been with, O’Neal gave the Celts a notable distinction.

“This is the funnest team I’€™ve been on in my life,” O’Neal said. “These guys are great. Usually I’€™m the ring leader of bringing fun to a team, but I haven’€™t even done anything yet. These guys crack me up. Big Baby and Nate, they need their own TV show. Those guys are funny. Just having certain conversations with all the great players, me and Kevin [Garnett] going back to our LA, Minnesota days. It’€™s just fun. It’€™s a close-knit group already. We go to dinner together, movies together, play cards. It’€™s just a fun group. It’€™s going to be a fun 735 days for me.”

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