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Kevin Garnett on Charlie Villanueva: ‘He’s a nobody’

Kevin Garnett [1] said he is tired of talking about his run-in with Detroit’s Charlie Villanueva [2] on Tuesday in Boston’s win over the Pistons. Villanueva accused Garnett, via twitter, of calling him a cancer patient during a trash-talking session on the court. Garnett spent Wednesday trying to diffuse the situation, claiming there was a misunderstanding and he simply called the Pistons big man a ‘cancer’ to his team and the NBA.

Friday, Garnett said he’s done talking about it.

“He’s a nobody,” Garnett said. “I’m not paying attention to nobodies any more.”

It has been quite the emotional week for Garnett, who also got into a shoving match with Andrew Bogut [3] the next night in a home-court win over Milwaukee.