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Ray Allen likes playing on Christmas

12.23.10 at 6:06 pm ET

Many players, and coaches, have expressed their dislike for playing on Christmas Day, which is one of the NBA’s showcase days. Ray Allen, however, is not among them.

“I always felt like it was a privilege,” Allen said Wednesday night before the Celtics played the 76ers. “You come into the league and you see the team playing on Christmas, it’€™s always the upper echelon teams in this league. You feel like you made it. It’€™s a similar feeling with playoff basketball. People at home are watching and you want to be one of those teams playing.”

Allen said that one of the highlights of his Christmas was watching Michael Jordan play. He also acknowledged that players aren’t the only ones who have to do their jobs.

“That’s just the environment we live,” he said. “It’s entertainment. We work, everyone else in the building has to work. I think these are those times you appreciate them and you take full advantage of them because when we retire we’€™re not going to be a part of them. You try to enjoy it now because it doesn’€™t last forever.”

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