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One Direction’s Niall Horan hits the deck caddying for Rory McIlroy 04.09.15 at 10:17 am ET
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PopcrushNiall Horan, pop star extraordinaire, decided the “One Thing” (ha ha) missing in his life was the opportunity to caddy for golf player Rory McIlroy. So, in addition to making his musical dreams come true by being a member of the most popular boy band on the planet, One Direction, he decided to caddy for the popular Irish golfer. He then proceeded to fall down so spectacularly on national television while fulfilling his dream, proving to the world that celebrities really are just like us.

NOOO!!! Is there no end to our suffering? First One Direction loses Zayn Malik and now we almost lose Niall, too? How much is one fan base supposed to take? I mean, we Directioners used to say “1D 5eva” because five is even better than four and there were five members in the band. Now there’s only four and we came so close to only having three I can’t even contemplate it.

I can’t believe they even let Niall carry that bag. Those things weight a ton. That pine straw leading down to the water hazard might as well being a greased-up slide leading down to an alligator pond. And the musical world has lost enough this year without doing further harm to the best band in the world just so Rory McIlroy can get attention from lady golf fans.

Celebrities are NOT like us. Not boy bands anyway. They need to protected because there are too many of us depending on them. Next time, carry your own bag, McIlroy. Or have somebody expendable do it.


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