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Danny Ainge on The Big Show: Kevin Garnett has a strained calf

12.30.10 at 5:12 pm ET

Celtics president Danny Ainge told The Big Show Thursday that after an MRI and a thorough examination, Kevin Garnett would likely be out a couple of weeks with a strained calf muscle.

“It’s a muscle injury, a strained calf,” Ainge said. “It’s actually the softer side of the leg below the knee. It’s not anything to do with his knee, which is great news, and it’s one of those injuries that he may be out for a couple of weeks at the most. That’s my guess. It’s always a guess. I’ll just say two weeks. I think that’s on the conservative side.”

Ainge said that when he saw Garnett go down and grimace in pain that he was hoping it wasn’t serious, but he did flashback to the Utah game in 2009. “That was a specific injury that he had and had been playing with,” Ainge said. “KG had been playing with a sore leg for weeks before that Utah injury and it wasn’t something that just happened. he had that bone spur on there for much longer than before that Utah game.”

Ainge also had an update on Rajon Rondo who has missed six games with an ankle sprain. “Rajon is getting better,” Ainge said. “It was a pretty severe sprain. Rajon is in a situation where he could play, but he’s in pain still. He has pain on both sides of the ankle and we just don’t want to get him back on to the court until he can play hard.”

Here are more highlights from the interview:

On what’s next without Garnett and Rondo:

My biggest fear is wearing Paul [Pierce] and Ray [Allen] out right now. That temptation that Doc [Rivers] is going to have to deal with all the injuries. It’s going to hard to maintain playing the same pace that we’re playing at right now without Rajon and without KG, but I think it’s an opportunity for other guys to step up and see what they can do. Doc is going to have to be creative and find different ways than what we’re accustomed to playing, like he did the other night using Marquis [Daniels] at the [point], which was very effective and Doc has a very creative mind.

On a timetable for Kendrick Perkins:

I’m always hesitant to use a timetable. We don’t know. We’re just taking it week by week. Right now Perk is doing very well. he’s not coming back within the next week or two, but he’s starting to do more and more. So, we’ll just evaluate it in a couple of weeks and see where he’s at and go from there. But our timetable has been the middle of February. I know Kendrick wants to come back sooner than that, but right now we’ll just keep it there until he’s healthy.

On Rondo not getting to the free throw line:

I hope that it’s not because of his free throw shooting. I hope that’s not the case, I know that can potentially creep in. I think it’s more physical. He’s been playing with a sore hamstring. He’s been playing with sore feet, the plantar fascitiis, so I think it’s more physical than trying to avoid the free throw line. We take these guys for granted and think they’re going to play the same way every night. You can tell the last couple of weeks that Rondo’s been on the court that he’s not been himself. He picks his spots here and there where he shows a great athletic play, but you can see play in and play out he’s sort of in cruise control trying to protect him hamstring.

This ankle injury may be a blessing in disguise because Rajon was playing in some discomfort the last couple of weeks. I think that he has no pain in his feet right now and has no pain in his hamstring. We’ll make sure before he steps back on the court that we can see the real Rajon again.

On a potential comeback by Rasheed Wallace:

I don’t know, I know that he’s been in the locker room a couple of times this year and he’s been to a couple of practices. I know the guys are teasing him about that about coming back. He’s said that doesn’t want to come back. I’m not sure there’s room for Rasheed unless we just have a whole bunch of injuries. Right now our center position, we have three healthy centers, we have a fourth one that’s not too far away in Perk.

Right now I’m more concerned about our backcourt with Delonte [West] and Rajon down and Nate [Robinson] not quite a hundred percent. We need Avery [Bradley] and Von [Wafer] and Luke [Harangody] to contribute and step up.

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