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NBA Power Rankings, 1/6

01.06.11 at 7:15 pm ET

I know how you love our themed NBA Power Rankings, so this time around we’re going to deliver the most intesting Tweet of the week about each team from the Twitter universe. Meanwhile, we’ll rank the 30 clubs from first to worst — after pointing out that three of the top five teams are in the Eastern Conference. Without further ado:

1. Boston (27-7): “There needs to be a [Kevin Garnett] cam for these games. I imagine him sitting at home just tearing apart couch pillows like George ‘The Animal’ Steele.” (@rlevine33 during the Celtics‘ nail-biting win over the Spurs) P.S. When you beat the Spurs without Garnett, you’ve gotta be No. 1.

2. San Antonio (29-6): Doc [Rivers]: “The fact that we shot 61% and won by two is scary. That shows they’re a really good team.” (@Celtics on the Spurs’ 105-103 loss to the Celtics at the TD Garden in Boston on Wednesday night)

3. Miami (28-9): LeBron [James] says ‘Heatles’ comment was in comparison to Beatles being a mega attraction on tour, not about group’s hit-making ability.” (@WallaceHeatNBA on James’ nickname for his team) P.S. Who’s Yoko Ono in this situation? Please say Eddie House.

4. Dallas (26-8): “Mavs owner Mark Cuban called Phil JacksonJeanie Buss‘ boy-toy’ causing a league-wide moment of silence so players and fans could throw up.” (@timstubinski on Cuban’s response to Jackson saying the Mavericks were done following Caron Butler’s apparent season-ending injury)

5. Orlando (23-12): “National media portraying Dwight Howard as ‘bad boy?’ Are you kidding? He’s more like Ron Howard, ‘Opie’ on Andy Griffith. Google it, kids.” (@MagicInsider on Howard’s growing technical problem) P.S. Is the national media really portraying Howard as a “bad boy”? Hadn’t heard that.

6. Oklahoma City (23-13): “The NBA has made it official. [Serge] Ibaka, [Blake] Griffin, [Brandon] Jennings & [JaVale] McGee are in the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest.” (@DarnellMayberry on slam dunk contestants) P.S. Is there any doubt Griffin wins this in a landslide?

7. LA Lakers (25-11): “My poor baby! He hit the floor so hard but he is sooo tough! He is ok! Yay!” (@Khloe_Kardashian on the funny bone contusion her husband Lamar Odom suffered in a blowout of the Pistons)

8. Chicago (23-11): “I hate the Bulls. I never get to play. RT @Jlivz312 Do you like the Celtics or Bulls better? #AskScal” (@FakeScalabrine on Brian Scalabrine’s 6.1 minutes per game) P.S. Apparently, Scal is getting the same love from Chicago fans as he got in Boston, which is pretty awesome.

9. Utah (24-12): Jazz are 9-7 in last 16 games. Only one win has been against team with above .500 record. All seven losses have been vs. above .500 teams.” (@tribjazz on team’s struggles over the last month)

10. New York (20-14): “MSG Network’s ratings up 39 percent for December over last year. Must be Tina Cervasio‘s sideline reporting.” (@NYPost_Berman on Knicks bandwagon) P.S. A Cervasio sighting!

11. Atlanta (24-14): “From @christomasson: ‘Rick Sund can’t stop lauding [Joe] Johnson for his defensive abilities.’ Hawks -4 per 100 last 7,100 possessions Johnson on floor.” (@hoopinion on former Celtic’s defensive struggles)

12. Denver (20-14): “Weird energy with this Nuggets team. Everyone plays hard but there’s no camaraderie at all. This [Carmelo Anthony]/trade saga undeniably affects them.” (@sportsguy33 on how tough George Karl‘s job is)

13. New Orleans (21-15): “Teams Hornets have beaten: UTA, SAS, BOS, DAL, MIA, DEN. Teams Hornets have lost to: LAC, DET, MIN, GSW, PHI.” (@atthehive on the remarkable inconsistency of Chris Paul‘s club)

14. Portland (19-17): “Director of Scouting Chad Buchanan tells that long-term team needs include a point guard, an elite wing and a big man.” (@blazersedge on the future of the Trail Blazers) P.S. Don’t 75 percent of the teams in the NBA need a point guard, elite wing and big man?

15. Houston (16-19): Kevin Martin, aka Mr. True Shooting Percentage, with 45 points on 18 shots [Wednesday night]. And his team lost.” (@johnhollinger) P.S. Rockets center Yao Ming out for the season: Yaoch.

16. Memphis (16-19): Tony Allen + O.J. Mayo: the latest example of my ‘all NBA feuds happen because of women or cards’ corollary. It’s foolproof!” (@sportsguy33 on the fight between Allen and May on Grizzlies fight)

17. Phoenix (14-19): “RT if you are in the NBA: I need all NBA players to save there money.Be prepared to live without a check for at least a year.This is serious.” (@JaredDudley619 on his league’s looming lockout this summer)

18. Indiana (14-18): “I asked [Jim O’Brien] about Roy [Hibbert]’s issues lately & he responded ‘Define Lately!’ I started w/since early Dec. & finally settled w/since the last eclipse.” (@mg_indy on Hibbert’s recent struggles) P.S. Who on the Pacers hasn’t been struggling lately?

19. Golden State (14-21): David Lee with only 2 rebounds? [Shaking my head.]” (@warriorsworld on Lee’s performance in a loss to the Hornets) P.S. How does that happen? No wonder they’re struggling.

20. Philadelphia (14-21): “[Andre] Iguodala took my phone once again and tweeted some nonsense. #idiot” (@thekidet aka Evan Turner) P.S. Bold hashtag from a rookie. I like this 76ers group.

21. Milwaukee (13-20): “[Andrew] Bogut now 1/11 outside 10 feet all season.” (@brewhoop on Bucks center’s from mid-range) P.S. That’s pretty poor for a guy who was Third Team All-NBA last season.

22. LA Clippers (11-24): “Ladies, any comment on Chris Kaman’s shoulder hair?” (@NBA_Photos) P.S. Ummmm … no comment.

23. Charlotte (12-21): “Dexter Season 1, Episode 6. #thingsthataremoreentertainingthanwolves/cats (@canishoopus on the difficulty of watching a game between the Bobcats and Timberwolves) P.S. Love Dexter. Best show on television.

24. Toronto (12-23): “Dang! I’m not in the dunk contest this year?” (@DeMar_DeRozan on not being a slam dunk competition finalist) P.S. I love that the Raptors guard found out when everybody else did.

25. New Jersey (10-25): “Y! Sources: Denver pushing New Jersey for five first-round picks in a Carmelo Anthony package.” (@WOJYahooNBA on Nuggets trade demands for Anthony) P.S. Laughable.

26. Minnesota (9-27): “When will it become accepted that the inexperienced Wolves players have eclipsed the abilities of the inexperienced Wolves coaching staff?” (@canishoopus on the growing criticism of coach Kurt Rambis) RT Evident during loss to Celtics.

27. Detroit (11-24): “I would have normally been tweeting like crazy after yesterday’s win, but it was just another win, a great win, but the game must go on.” (@CV31 aka Charlie Villanueva on Pistons win over Celtics) P.S. Villanueva takes the high road. Kind of.

28. Washington (8-25): “[Flip] Saunders after today’s practice said that today was the first time all season all 15 players participated.” (@WashWizards on team’s injuries) P.S. No wonder they’ve got eight wins. This team has enough talent to get the No. 8 seed.

29. Cleveland (8-27): “I am still confused. The Cavs hired a homeless man to call their games?” (@freedarko on the Cavaliers hiring Ted Williams, “the homeless man with a golden voice”) P.S. This is my favorite story of the season. All NBA teams should do this.

30. Sacramento (7-25): “Kings Tyreke Evans tells Y! he will continue to play w/plantar fasciatis and will have shock wave treatment either AS Break or after season.” (@SpearsNBAYahoo on Sacramento star’s injury) P.S. And you thought the Kings were bad in the first half.

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