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Name That NBA Tweet: Celtics vs. Suns

Posted By Ben Rohrbach On January 28, 2011 @ 6:09 pm In General | 1 Comment

Welcome to ‘€œName that NBA Tweet’€ ‘€” the game show where everybody’€™s a loser (including the host)! If you didn’€™t catch the first season [1] over on LEEInks, here’€™s the deal: An athlete or celebrity posted the following 140-character thought on his/her twitter account over the last week. This week’€™s episode features a Celtics [2] vs. Suns theme in anticipation of Friday’s game. It’€™s your job to figure out who produced these Shakespearean efforts.

1. ‘€œI’€™ma go home and sit by the fire and drink some hot cocoa. And listen to some John Denver!!!’€

‘€“ Glen Davis [3] or Justin Bieber?

Davis is Big Baby. Bieber sings ‘€œBaby’€. Both have been known to dance the Dougie.

Answer: Click here [4].

 2. ‘€œGotta pick my girls up early from a half day of school. How good were half days?!!’€

‘€“ Steve Nash [5] or Ice Cube?

Cube messed around and got a triple-double, while Nash once recorded a triple-double in a playoff game.

Answer: Click here [6].

3. ‘€œThank you for all your well wishes. I AM slowly coming out of this thing. It has been truly, truly brutal.‘€

‘€“ Jermaine O’€™Neal or Dr. Drew?

Drew is recovering from Leptospirosis. Jermaine is recovering from Oh-my-knee-itis.

Answer: Click here [7].

4. ‘€œWhat did everbody think about Obama’€™s State of the Union speech he just finished?’€

‘€“ Jared Dudley [8] or Shannon Elizabeth?

Dudley played alongside Sean Williams [9] at Boston College [10], while Elizabeth played alongside Sean William Scott in ‘€œAmerican Pie’€.

Answer: Click here [11].

5. ‘€œWELL THIS IS SUNDAY ‘€¦ so let’€™s all give a big shout out to GOD ‘€¦ and LOVE.’€

‘€“ Nate Robinson [12] or Kirstie Alley?

Robinson has won three dunk contests. Alley has probably won at least that many pie-eating contests.

Answer: Click here [13].

Thanks for playing again, folks. Two more terrible Twitter puns: If you got four or more wrong, you’€™re a Twignoramus; if you got four or more right, you’€™ve got Twisdom. Until next week, and, as Bob Barker said [14], ‘€œHave your pets spayed or neutered!’€

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