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Irish Coffee: Interpreting Celtics vs. Lakers

Wake up with the Celtics [1] and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

Considering all the stars on and off the court — for both teams — at Sunday’s game between the Celtics and Lakers, you would’ve thought there’d have been some great Twitter messages in the aftermath of the C’s 109-96 victory at the Staples Center [2] in Los Angeles. There wasn’t, so I made them up anyway. Here’s my interpretation of what the players and celebrity fans should’ve Tweeted throughout the finals rematch:


There’s no “I” in Kobe Bryant, but there should’ve been on Sunday. Thankfully, for the Celtics’ sake, Bryant reverted to his 2005 self. You know, the guy who tried to win games all by himself as his team failed to make the playoffs. And it played right into the hands of the Celtics, who coincidentally do have an “I” in their name.

The contrasting styles — the C’s playing as a team; the Lakers playing as individuals — were clear to anybody who watched Sunday’s game, and even clearer when you looked at the box score [20] afterwards:

Paul Flannery’s Three-Pointer [22] sums up what Sunday’s victory means going forward: “The Celtics’ performance Sunday proved that as of this moment they are the team to beat in the NBA. On their best day, and this may have been it, no one can even come close to matching them.”


The postgame comments from the Lakers were pretty tame, as Bryant & Co. pretty much stuck to the mantra that they need to play better against elite teams. But Phil Jackson is always good for a one-liner or two:

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