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Irish Coffee: Ray Allen 3-Point Timeline

Wake up with the Celtics [1] and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

In case you haven’t heard, Ray Allen [2] trails Reggie Miller [3] by one 3-pointer for the NBA’s all-time record of 2,560 career treys. Considering he’ll likely surpass Miller against the Lakers on Thursday night, what better time than now to create the Ray Allen 3-Point Timeline?

When Allen had a chance to tie or surpass a milestone or a top-five 3-point shooter, he generally accelerated past them. In fact, the only time he had the chance to set a new milestone but didn’t was the night before he eclipsed 2,000, finishing 0-for-3 that evening.

Given a chance to pass those milestones, Allen finished 35-for-70 (50.0 percent) from 3-point range in those games. He also averaged 23.5 points under those circumstances.

With 1,540 3-pointers in his NBA career thus far, Paul Pierce [5] needs just seven to pass Hardaway and Jones for 10th on the all-time list. Oh, Avery Bradley [6] and Kendrick Perkins [7] have a shot at sinking the first 3-pointer of their NBA careers. Allen has just 236 fewer career 3-point baskets than the entire rest of the Celtics team combined.


Obviously, Jackie MacMullan got Allen to open up about his training regimen on the eve of his big night. If Boston athletes had a confessional, she’d be the priest. Highlights from MacMullan’s interview [8] with the 35-year-old shooting guard:

Of course, MacMullan didn’t stop with Ray. She talked to former Bucks and current Nuggets head coach George Karl [11], one-time UConn [12] teammate Donny Marshall, current Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy [13] and current Celtics head coach Doc Rivers [14]:

Essentially, Allen’s success comes down to three things: compulsion, consistency and cajones.


Eagle-Tribune columnist Bill Burt went to the real source of Allen’s success, his mother Flo Allen. She’s been the one sitting in the front row throughout Allen’s life, wearing his jersey and cheering on every highlight. Here are the highlights from that conversation [15]:

You’ve gotta love that story about Allen’s first team as a child being the Celtics. Priceless.


The media obligations for Allen have understandably been piling up over the last few days. He also conducted an interview with SLAM Magazine, during which he revealed [16] why his 3-point percentage was the second-lowest of his career last season (and perhaps why he did not sink a 3 in four of the seven Finals games against the Lakers):

‘€œPeople didn’€™t know then, I was having back problems. I didn’€™t play right before the All-Star break last year, in New Orleans. I didn’€™t play the game because I couldn’€™t stand straight up. I was navigating through that, trying to get my body feeling right. And [now] my body feels great. I don’€™t know — it’€™s just my legs feel great; my body, my back feels good; and I don’€™t have too much going wrong with my body physically.’€

Here are the highlights from the rest of the interview [17] between Allen and SLAM:

There you have it. Pretty much all you need to know about Ray Allen entering Thursday’s game.

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