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An emotional Ray Allen relishes a moment he’ll remember the rest of his life

02.11.11 at 1:27 am ET

Ray Allen has always been known as a stoic, some would say ice-cold, figure on the court. You could never really truly ever figure out if he was happy or upset with his play or his shooting. Perhaps that’s what has made him ‘€” now ‘€” the most prolific 3-point artist in NBA history.

But Thursday night was different for Allen the moment he stepped on the parquet.

There were the extra media members on hand for a national broadcast between the two fiercest rivals in the NBA. There was the tremendous build-up and then, of course, there were the fans who were chanting his name and cheering, beginning in warm-ups.

Allen needed just two 3-pointers to pass Reggie Miller and make NBA history smack dab in the middle of a Lakers-Celtics game.

‘€œWhat I thought about is, is it really going to happen,” Allen said. “I know I only needed two 3’s, and on any other day, any other game, it seems like it would happen just like that, I wouldn’€™t have to think about it. But that second 3, almost, it seemed like it was slow motion for me, cause I’€™ve seen the whole thing develop. As I’€™ve gotten older, I’€™ve played the game and I can see it, somewhat in a second motion so to speak. Where the ball kind of comes so slow, like somebody is almost slow motioning it on TV. That’€™s exactly how it felt, because the minute we got the stop and Rondo got the ball. In my mind it just started, and I just said to myself this is it.”

Allen drained a 3 with 4:14 left in the first to tie the record. Then, after a Von Wafer steal of Kwame Brown, it opened up to a fast break led by Rajon Rondo. Of all the Celtics to set up history, this was the man. And Allen knew it.

“When Rondo brought the ball up I knew it,” Allen said. “We’€™ve seen it a thousand times. I know, he knows where I am. And so many people asked me over the last couple of weeks, ‘€˜Who’€™s going to make that pass?’€™, and I said it’€™s a no-brainer, I knew it would be Rondo.

“He starts the break for us so many times. So when I got the ball and let it go, it was like, I felt so good behind it, once the ball went in the air I knew it was good. The one before that I missed I felt the same way about that, but that didn’€™t go in.”

But from the moment it left his hand, Allen knew he had launched the shot that would put him in the record book. The 3-pointer that went through the basket in front of the Celtics bench gave him 2,561 treys in his career, one more than Miller.

“When I got the ball and let it go, I felt so good behind it that once ball went in air I knew it was good,” Allen said of his historic 3 with 1:48 left in the first quarter.

It was Allen’s fifth 3-point attempt on the night, after tying the record just three minutes earlier. He had two 3’s rim in and out before the record-setter.

“That one, it was like, ‘This is money.’ It was definitely a magical moment,” Allen said. “It was a great moment. I’ll remember it the rest of my life. It’s a moment that will stay with me forever.

“Just being in this building, the support I’€™ve had coming into this moment, this situation, I felt a little embarrassed because there was so much attention surrounding this 3-point record. And I’€™ve never really experienced this much because this is a team sport, very rarely do you get that emotional individual support so it was overwhelming but a great moment.”

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