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Irish Coffee: Perfect remedy for loss to Lakers

02.11.11 at 11:30 am ET

Wake up with the Celtics and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

Few game films exist of Bill Russell‘s playing days, but a United States Information Agency documentarian by the name of Gary Goldsmith had some rare footage in his vault: Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Celtics and Cincinnati Royals.

The video has since been shown on NBA TV, and SLAM Magazine recently caught with the filmmaker. Goldsmith takes us through the documentary’s process, and the unquestionable highlight of the interview is this aside on a retired Bob Cousy wandering the Garden hallways:

‘€œHe was holding his head in his hands and saying to somebody, ‘€˜We can’€™t lose. If we lose, they’€™ll never let us up. It will be like the Yankees; they’€™ll grind us in to the earth. We’€™ve got to win.’€™ He wasn’€™t saying this to anybody for publication; this was a private comment that he made. It’€™s that sense of how important it was to sustain their championship level. I got a feel for it from moments like that.’€

Part 1 of Goldsmith’s “The Final Game” is embedded in this blog. Be sure to check out Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 on YouTube. There’s nothing better than watching a game from the last run of the Celtics’ nine consecutive championship seasons to get over a loss to the Lakers.

The time spent is worth it just to hear Red Auerbach‘s incessant chatter from the sidelines:

  • When Russell misses a defensive assignment: “C’mon, Russ, get with it.”
  • When Oscar Robertson scores, to the referee: “How about carrying the ball one time, huh? You’re a bum.”
  • When he calls a timeout: “Five guys get me the ball. Once we get it, then run.”
  • When Russell takes it coast-to-coast: “Go Russell, go Russell, go Russell!”
  • When the Royals lead, to another referee: “They’re not getting enough breaks. Why don’t you explain it to him.”
  • When a ref whistles John Havlicek for a foul: “He hit the ball. Look at the play, dammit. Isn’t that awful?”
  • When he calls a second-half timeout: “It’s damn defense. That’s how we beat them. Now’s the time to let nobody shoot it but us.”

There are some classic shots of journalists smoking cigarettes in the old Garden, fans drinking beers out of paper cups and, of course, Auerbach lighting up his victory cigar.


From the pregame to the game to the postgame, Green Street had you covered throughout the drama of a 92-86 Lakers win over the Celtics on Ray Allen‘s record-setting night. Here are a few appetizers before you delve into our main course:

NBA Power Rankings: While the Celtics and Lakers have fallen prey to the annual February malaise at times, the Spurs continue to separate themselves in the standings, establishing a 5.5-game lead for homecourt throughout the playoffs.

Danny Ainge on Kevin Garnett: Alvin Gentry wishes that Channing Frye played like Kevin Garnett, would give anything if Channing Frye played with the passion and the heart and the intensity and the work ethic of Kevin Garnett. I think that John Kuester wishes that Charlie Villanueva played with the passion and the intensity and had the work ethic and character of Kevin Garnett. That’€™s all I’€™ll say about that.’€

Shaquille O’Neal on his next stunt: ‘€œNow, listen, I asked Criss Angel to levitate me over the top of the TD Boston Garden, and he said yes so we just have to figure out a date.’€

Fast Break: With the O’€™Neal ‘€œbrothers’€ and Semih Erden all out of action, the Celtics had little if any depth behind Kendrick Perkins at the center position. They not only paid for it on the glass but in the paint as well. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum combined for 36 points and 19 boards, as the Lakers outscored the C’€™s 50-32 in the key.

Three-Pointer‘€œWe got to do what we got to do,’€ Paul Pierce said. ‘€œIt is what it is. The guys we have out there just got to be able to contribute and not make excuses and win these games. This is a game we can win on our home court with the players that we got. At the end of the day we’€™ve got four All-Stars we can put on the court and we’€™re not hurt. We’€™re more than capable of winning these types of games.’€

Ray Allen on the record-setting 3-pointer: ‘€œWhat I thought about is, is it really going to happen,’€ Allen said. ‘€œI know I only needed two 3’€²s, and on any other day, any other game, it seems like it would happen just like that, I wouldn’€™t have to think about it. But that second 3, almost, it seemed like it was slow motion for me, cause I’€™ve seen the whole thing develop. As I’€™ve gotten older, I’€™ve played the game and I can see it, somewhat in a second motion so to speak. Where the ball kind of comes so slow, like somebody is almost slow motioning it on TV. That’€™s exactly how it felt, because the minute we got the stop and Rondo got the ball. In my mind it just started, and I just said to myself this is it.’€

Kobe Bryant on Ray’s record‘€œI just told him congratulations. It’€™s a mutual respect kind of thing, because we came into the league together. There’€™s not too many guys from that draft still playing and competing at a high level. I’€™m just very, very happy for him. We always compete when we go at it. That’€™s part of it. At this stage of our careers, there’€™s a respect because of that. I don’€™t get along with chumps very well, and he’€™s not a chump.’€

Ray Allen on Boston fans: ‘€œThe way it happened was amazing. Because once we did go to a timeout, people were still excited and ready to continue to cheer. That was why it was so special to be in the building. People in Boston deserve that. People will talk about that forever, and I’€™m glad it happened ‘€” me to be the guy they experienced that with.’€

Doc Rivers on the Celtics’ effort‘€œI just thought mentally we were not a very good team tonight and usually we are. I didn’€™t think we fought hard enough through adversity, and we’€™re great at that usually.’€


Everyone from Jim Calhoun to Flo Allen to Donnie Wahlberg to Wes Welker to Mayor Menino to Kendrick Perkins gave props to Ray Allen on setting the NBA’s all-time 3-point record in this viral video created by vitamin water. The ad says it all: Congratulations.

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