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Irish Coffee: LeBron James, wrong again

Posted By Ben Rohrbach On February 24, 2011 @ 12:03 pm In General | 4 Comments

Wake up with the Celtics [1] and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

After the Celtics defeated the Heat for the third time this season, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who’s also an avid NBA fan, and we came up with a theory that LeBron James [2] has Michael Jackson [3] Syndrome.

Essentially, he’s been so famous from a such a young age that he has no idea what normal people do in their everyday lives — much less any concept of what those people think about him. That’s why he says stuff like this [4]:

“Everybody’s bringing their talents to the East,” James said. “It’s going to be fun. We came here to team up, and we knew we were starting a trend. Teams are going to have to load up because the competition level is rising.”

Did he really bring up the “bringing their talents” garbage again? For the past eight months, everyone and their mother has mocked LeBron’s infamous “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” quote from his idiotic Decision ordeal. Even Paul Pierce [5] gave him a jab, tweeting, “It’s been a pleasure to bring my talents ot South Beach” after another Celtics win over the Heat.

It’s as though James still doesn’t recognize that he’s been the butt of that joke for almost a year. That’s why James does stuff like blame the negative reaction [6] to The Decision on racism, tweet “Karma is a bitch” [7] when the Cavaliers [8] get blown out by the Lakers and wear an “LBJ MVP” t-shirt [9] after his team gets bounced from the playoffs. He has Michael Jackson Syndrome.

As for his second point — that his Heat started this trend of stars joining forces — not everybody agrees with him on that one, either (shocking, I know) — Amare Stoudemire included [10]:

“I think that started when Kevin Garnett [11] came to the East,’€ Stoudemire said. ‘€œEverybody seemed to trickle over. I think that the East is now a serious powerhouse.’€

Nevermind the fact that the Knicks and Celtics have now formed their nuclei through trades. Other than that, LeBron was totally right.


Not all NBA players have trouble grasping reality. While New York fans bask in the glow of the Carmelo Anthony trade, Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni and star power forward Stoudemire understand that the deal doesn’t put them much closer to a title right now.

“We think we moved the rock ahead a little bit,” D’Antoni told [12] the New York Daily News. “But don’t get carried away thinking we’re challenging Miami, Boston, all those teams. We’re just not there yet.”

“Those guys have been playing together for a good little time now, Miami more so just this season,” Stoudemire told [13] the New York Post. ” But Boston for years. Boston, I look at the elite team in the East and Chicago’s right there. It’s not easy. It’s not going to get any easier for us now because the target’s on our back. Teams are going to be eager to play against us.”


Hoopism put together a pretty cool video graphic [14] of the greatest shots in NBA history and their locations on the court. The Celtics have six of them, and of course Larry Bird [15] has four of those — although that includes a miss against the Lakers in Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals [16].

Paul Pierce (Game 2 of the 2002 Eastern Conference finals) and Sam Jones [17] (Game 4 of the 1969 NBA Finals) made the other two. Shaquille O’Neal [18] also has a pair of the top shots. …

In the latest edition of Sports Illustrated, Kevin McHale [19] claims [20] Celtics point guard Rajon  Rondo [21] doesn’t need a consistent jumper: “You lay off him, then he has great angles to see. There’s no pressure on him. He never turns it over, because his guy is eight feet away from him.” I’ve never understood the argument about whether or not Rondo needs a better jump shot. If he developed one, he’d be a better player, right? He might not need one, but he should want one. …

I didn’t think the Celtics necessarily needed to replace Marquis Daniels [22], but then I read this point [23] from Doc Rivers [24] to Yahoo! Sports: ‘€œIf nothing happened and Marquis didn’€™t come back, that’€™d be tough actually because of our size. You know, we would have a huge gap at the three spot, and when you look at who we have to go through — the Luol Dengs, the LeBrons, Kobes, whoever — that would make it tough.” That’s a lot to ask from just Pierce. …

The Heat are the favorites [25] to win the 2011 NBA championship, according to Sportsbook.com. …

On its YouTube channel, the White House posted [26] an interview with Bill Russell [27] after he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Never get tired of hearing him speak …

Maria Menounos interviewed [28] the four Celtics All-Stars on the “Magenta Carpet” last weekend. I think she talked more than all of them combined.

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