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Irish Coffee: ‘The Association’ observations (Episode 3)

02.28.11 at 10:28 am ET

Wake up with the Celtics and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

Episode 3 of “The Association: Boston Celtics” didn’t disappoint. Filmed in the midst of all the drama surrounding Kevin Garnett‘s on-court antics, the Celtics All-Star forward became the focal point of the show. We got some rare glimpses of Garnett behind the scenes, like running the beaches in his hometown of Malibu and looking out over the Pacific Ocean. He gave us some true gems that could only come from the mind of KG:

  • “I feel like my intensity is right where it needs to be. If you’re going to be anything in this league, you’ve gotta have an edge. There’s no room for soft. There’s no room for a person who’s going to give ground. Hell, yeah, I’m trying to gain an advantage out here. If you’re not, then you’re in some trouble. If you can’t handle it, get off the court.”
  • “My job is to stop you, so I don’t anticipate you liking me. I don’t anticipate you trying to be my friend, because I’m not trying to be your friend.”
  • “Half the stuff you probably hear about me is not even true. I’m not doing anything different than what I’ve been doing the 15, 16 years I’ve been playing. It’s nothing personal towards anybody I play. It’s the way I play, night in and night out.”
  • “Game 7 was a time where I was speechless, and if I were sitting here to tell you it didn’t give me an extra push, then I would be lying.” [followed by a loooooooooooong pause]
  • “The league knows what we are. Everybody. Ain’t nothing to talk about. All our talk is in our play, so stay tuned.”
  • “Water is tranquil. It’s tranquility to me. You get a sense of peace. I’m on of thoes people that sort of embraces the moment. I reflect. It’s a tranquil moment for me. It’s crazy that a lot of people when they meet me, they expect me to be this intense guy, and a lot of times I’m just laid back and as cool as anybody else.”
  • “Everybody says they want to win, but sometimes actions are different from words. That’s what’s most important to me when it comes to basketball.”
  • “See y’all in the Finals.”

Garnett may have been the focus of the episode, but his supporting cast should get some Bust Supporting Actor nominations, too. Here are a few more observations:

  • It’s kind of sad seeing shots of Kendrick Perkins shooting alone in the gym and hearing Tommy Heinsohn say, “Welcome back, Perk,” but it’s pretty funny that he packed a backpack before his first game back like it was his first day of elementary school, that fans drove up to his house and yelled, Celtics, baby!” and that he swam in the pool during his rehab while about 25 elderly women held a synchronized swimming session.
  • Same goes for Nate Robinson. Seeing him laugh with Delonte West and Ray Allen before a Celtics-Lakers matchup was another reminder how much midseason trades shake up a team’s chemistry.
  • Perkins: “I don’t know what to expect. It’s been about 224 days since I played basketball in a game, so I think the road getting back to it has been a nightmare. I’ve never been away from basketball this long. Mentally, I was kind of going crazy.” I love how he said “about 224 days,” as if he didn’t know exactly how much time had passed.
  • While Paul Pierce & Co. slept on a cross-country flight, Doc Rivers watched film on his computer and took notes. Ah, the life of a coach.
  • Did Rajon Rondo actually smile after the Celtics beat the Lakers? That was followed by a classic line from Rivers: “Dinner on me … if y’all find me.”
  • My favorite scene might’ve been Garnett and Rondo sitting on the world’s tiniest bench together.
  • Allen and I look the same with our shirts off, and the sky is green.
  • Play calls sound much better in the huddle than they do in the timeout huddle. Take Rivers’ script for the play that led to Allen’s record-breaking 3-pointer: “Ray, you’re right here. Rondo, right on the throwback, you’re flying across here, Ok? Rondo, if Ray comes off, there ain’t nobody there, so let’s go.”
  • My favorite quote might’ve been Doc screaming at all of the Celtics during the loss to the Lakers, “Your faces look terrible!”
  • The shot of Allen’s family greeting him after he set the record was priceless, as was the shot of Allen in the shrunken All-Star jersey — in different ways, of course.
  • Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich: “Unbelievable. Look at these players, Doc. Wow.” Rivers: [silence.]
  • I didn’t realize they changed they actually made the money ball a different kind of ball, as Allen pointed out. Pierce’s reaction? “He’s setting up the excuses early.”
  • Nice line from 3-point champion and Heat guard James Jones to the Celtics: “Finally got a win against y’all at something.”
  • The separation and silence in the locker room prior to the All-Star Game pretty much summed up the Eastern Conference right now. As LeBron James said, “You got the C’s over there, and you’ve got the Heat over here.”

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Speaking of Garnett, he published an entry to his Anta blog over the weekend, recapping the first few legs of the Celtics’ West Coast road trip. Here’s what he had to say:

  • On the trade: “It’s been a tough couple of days.”
  • On the Warriors: “Great feeling to win and the guys saw what our potential is.”
  • More on the trade: “This was a hard trip for me.  We found out the day of our game that we traded my defensive partner and teammates Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson, Semih Erden and Luke Harangody. It was crazy. I found out just minutes before I left for the arena. It was crazy that we only had eight for our game in Denver, so Chris Johnson, [who] was with us during training camp, got called up, and we tried to fit him in.”
  • On the Nuggets: “Game was tough, and the oxygen levels were tough. Denver always reminds a player what it’s like to play high above sea level.”
  • On traveling: “Having a house in Cali makes it good to get in early. Problem was that we just sat on the runway for two hours due to weather and airplane problems. We finally took off and landed at 3:30 p.m. Cali time. Perfect landing time for me to sit in MAJOR TRAFFIC on my way to the crib. At least I’m home and will get to sleep in my bed.”
  • On Blake Griffin: “The Young Rook was interesting to watch. He’s got some major upside, and I enjoyed his intensity.”
  • Even more on the trade: “We also met our two new teammates in Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. It will be interesting to see if they can mesh with us, and I’m sure they can help us.  It gives us depth and some space, but they are not Perk. I know that they won’t be Perk, but they are my new teammates, so I welcome them with open arms and look forward to playing with them.”
  • On the Clippers: “We came out lazy and going through the motions, but then sat in halftime and tried to figure out what was going on. Third quarter came, and we started pressuring them and moved the ball. Jeff and Nenad played well and brought good energy and skill to the game. We’ve got a bunch of guys that are new, so it’s tough to run various sets. The Clips battled all night with us, but our starters ran our sets and got the job done. D-West gave us some good energy, and Paul and Ray hit shots.”
  • On the season: “We have one and a half months left of the regular season, and then the playoffs. Hopefully, we’ll get healthy and our guys will start to understand each other’s games.”


Because March 1 is the deadline for players currently under contract to be waived and still remain playoff eligible, the rumor mill surrounding the buyout market is churning. Obviously, because the Celtics have available roster spots they’ll be linked to just about everybody.

The Washington Post reported the Celtics are among three teams interested in Mike Bibby:

Bibby makes $5.8 million this season and is on the books for $6.4 million next season. Bibby would have to sacrifice a lot of money and get waived by Tuesday in order to be eligible to join a playoff team this season. … Portland, Miami and Boston are reportedly interested in signing Bibby if he can reach an agreement.

The San Jose Mercury News reported free agent Troy Murphy will sign with the Heat or C’s:

The Warriors have reached a buyout agreement with Troy Murphy that will pay him less than 100 percent of his remaining salary, according to multiple sources. … The two clear leaders for him are Miami and Boston, who both already are campaigning for a deal.

Keeping Bibby and Murphy away from the Heat might be even more important than having them on the Celtics roster.

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