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Irish Coffee: Mr. Big Talk (a.k.a. Chauncey Billups)

Wake up with the Celtics [1] and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

The New York papers have already rolled out their NBA playoff coverage of the Knicks’ first-round series against the Celtics [2], and while nobody has pulled an Antonio Cromartie [3] and claimed they hate Kevin Garnett [4], the confidence in New York is oddly high for a team that has an 0-3 record against its Atlantic Division rival.

Maybe it’s because they believe the Celtics coaching staff preferred a first-round matchup against the 76ers, as a New York Post source indicated [5].

Maybe it’s because Bobcats coach Paul Silas — a two-time NBA champion with the Celtics in the 1970s — told the New York Daily News [6], “It’s not just that [the Celtics] don’t have the defense or the rebounding at the center position that they once did, which could be a very difficult problem for them. But I wonder about the mindset of their guys. They thought they should have kept [Kendrick] Perkins. They still believe that. I’m not sure that they have the right mindset now to deal with that. As players, you’ve got to let that go.”

Wherever the confidence stems from, it’s there. Just listen to Chauncey Billups [7]:

“We are probably, most certainly, the most dangerous first-round team in the NBA. When I say that it’s because we are new, and we are dangerous. We’ve got a lot of weapons. We can move the scoreboard. I think our defense is a lot better. We’re going to be a tough out, man.”

That confidence is tempered a bit by their president and their coach (via the New York Post [8]):

And then there’s two former Celtics — one in New York and one with the Bulls — sound more confident in the third-seeded Celtics than the No. 6 Knicks:


Prior to the Celtics-Knicks regular-season finale, Kevin Garnett posted to his Anta blog [12], claiming his “team’s got to get back to the game” and Jermaine O’Neal [13]‘s shoulder job on LeBron James [14] shouldn’t have been a flagrant-1 foul, among other highlights …


After re-injuring a right ankle that still featured a chipped bone, Delonte West [17] is day-to-day but the Celtics guard claims he’ll be Ok, according to the Herald. Here are the other highlights of separate [18] conversations [19] between Celtics president Danny Ainge and both the Herald’s Steve Bulpett and The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy …

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