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Glen Davis: ‘I can start in this league’

05.12.11 at 12:35 am ET

MIAMI — As the Celtics head to a summer with a little more certainty than last year, one of their biggest decisions will be made on Glen Davis who will be an unrestricted free agent. Davis didn’t help himself with a poor posteason, but he said again that he feels like he can be a starter.

“You can’t just base it on just the playoffs,” Davis said. “My whole body of work I feel like I can play in this league, I can start in this league. My second year when Kevin [Garnett] went down, my third year playing in the playoffs and this year was my best year. I just didn’t play well in the playoffs this year. Things happen like that. I don’t think this playoffs is going to hurt me as much.”

Asked whether he wanted to stay with the Celtics, Davis said, “I have given thought about that. I love Boston and [hope] I can stay. But you never know, like [Kendrick Perkins] situation. He was here for eight years, he wanted to stay but it just might not work my way. It’s just how it is.”

Asked what he wanted out of his career, Davis said, “I want to be a player in this league. I feel like I have a lot more to offer. I want to show the world my talent.”

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