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Instant Irish Coffee: Big Baby blogs

05.31.11 at 10:27 am ET

Following an atrocious performance for the Celtics in the conference semifinals against the Heat, free agent Glen Davis is refocusing on two things that made him so successful to start the 2010-11 season — working out and eating right — as well as one new hobby: blogging.

Here’s a bit from Big Baby, who took some time out from eating chicken burgers, pasta and kale with strength and conditioning coach Kevin Kearns to blog at

I am very excited to start working out again, set some summer goals and really get ready for next season. It is all about a balanced lifestyle, putting time in at the gym and eating right. I have a great team around me and as you will see my main man, my trainer, is already trying to one up me in the first edition!

While Davis may have a great team of trainers around him, he doesn’t have a basketball team to play with quite yet. The Celtics have said they will offer Davis a contract but won’t match an offer from another team that exceeds his value to the Celtics.

Of course, as is always the case, the blog isn’t always entirely accurate (it is the Internet after all). In his second entry, two weeks ago, he was under the impression that the Celtics had gotten a No. 2 seed in the NBA Playoffs. Perhaps that’s why he seemed so confused in Miami.


If you’re at all interested in the possibility of an NBA lockout, Ken Berger‘s piece over the weekend is a must read. He highlights a few important dates in the negotiations and compares the NBA’s predicament to the current NFL fiasco. Here’s an important note:

“If there’€™s going to be a deal, I would say there are tipping points,” one person familiar with the negotiations told “One tipping point is June 30. Once you get past June 30, people are inclined to sit around until the next tipping point, which is September.”

While the two sides remain far apart on the issues of a hard cap, reduced player salaries and an eventual elimination of guaranteed contracts, they at least are in agreement that they are farther along in negotiations than they were prior to the 1998-99 lockout, which resulted in a 50-game season. But one of the people familiar with the talks said there has been less progress at this point than there was in 2005, when noxious lockout fumes were in the air and catastrophe was averted with a surprise agreement during the NBA Finals. The owners, clearly, are no longer celebrating that victory, since they are trying to detonate most aspects of the deal that was ratified at that time.

According to Berger, representatives from both sides — owners and players — will meet for an extended session when the NBA Finals moves to Dallas next week. Another important date to monitor is June 3, when a court is scheduled to rule on the NFL lockout’s validity. If the judge rules in favor of the players, expect an agreement prior to the start of the 2011-12 NBA season. If the ruling comes down on the owners’ side, brace for an NBA lockout.


Magic center Dwight Howard will enter his final season under contract in Orlando this coming winter, and that has many teams and their fans drooling over the possibility of Howard signing in a city near them. However, the league’s Defensive Player of the Year indicated over the weekend that he prefers to remain in Orlando rather than following Shaquille O’Neal‘s 1996 footsteps to Los Angeles. Here’s what he told the Orlando Sentinel:

“I’m not trying to run behind nobody like Shaq or be behind somebody else. I want to start my own path and I want people to follow my path and not just follow somebody else’s path. I want to have my own path, and I want to start that here in Orlando. But I can’t do it alone. Not only do I need the right teammates, but I need the city behind me. That’s the only way it’s going to get done. We can change this small city that we have — this small market that we have — and we can make it a big market.”


Russian team CSKA Moscow has reportedly offered free-agent center Nenad Krstic a long-term contract, according to Serbian website However, the Celtics are expected to attempt to re-sign Krstic for affordable dollars during this offseason. …

Mavericks guard Corey Brewer told The Boston Globe that he nearly signed with the Celtics after the Knicks bought out his contract around the trade deadline. Instead, the Celtics turned to Sasha Pavlovic for help on the wing once Brewer signed in Dallas.

‘€œI seriously considered the Celtics, a lot,’€ he told the paper. ‘€œAnd eventually I thought I was going to go to Boston. But then at the last minute we struck a nice deal with Dallas and we felt like this was the best situation for us.’€ …

In keeping with this theme of European players and the Celtics, The Globe also confirmed rumors that the C’s dealt Semih Erden because they feared he would return to Turkey anyhow due to homesickness. …

Celtics assistant coach Lawrence Frank is a finalist for the open Warriors head coaching gig, along with Dwane CaseyMark Jackson and former Celtic Brian Shawaccording to

Celtics Hall of Famer Kevin McHale snatched the open Rockets head coaching position from Frank and other finalists, securing three-year deal, according to Yahoo! Sports. …

What would an offseason Celtics piece be without at least one mention of Kendrick Perkins? Here’s what he told reporters after the Thunder’s five-game series to Dallas:

“I probable would’ve given myself a D, because I know what I was capable of. … For the last three years, I’ve been top-10 in blocked shots. I wasn’t able to block shots like I’ve been capable of doing. For the last two or three years, I’ve been top-10 in dunks, so I wasn’t finishing around the basket like I was capable of doing. For the last six years, I’ve been shooting at a 60 percent field-goal percentage, so obviously my post moves weren’t there. And I’m usually a lock-down defender when it comes down to the defensive end. I felt like these playoffs a couple buckets I gave up — it just wasn’t me.”

Finally, from a pretty funny basketball-related article about basketball that The Onion published over the weekend:

CHICAGO — An impromptu game of knockout at Gross Park Sunday involving 10 people and lasting more than 15 minutes was awesome, sources reported. ‘€œWe had two balls, so we just started playing knockout, and then the game just got really intense and, I have to say, pretty epic,’€ said 27-year-old participant Drew Carden. … According to sources, everyone agreed to play another game immediately after, though it lasted just three minutes and kind of sucked.

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