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Tracy McGrady doesn’t seem to like Boston too much

A couple weeks ago, we discussed why [1] the Celtics [2] could and should offer 32-year-old free-agent shooting guard Tracy McGrady [3] a contract. Well, based on his recent Twitter activity, McGrady probably won’t be landing in Boston anytime soon. Well, at least not for the $1-point-something million veteran minimum.

First, McGrady tweeted the accompanying Photoshopped photo [4] of himself in a Lakers uniform, wearing the legendary Smush Parker‘s No. 1 jersey, accompanied by the caption: “Yes or No?.” T-Mac also expressed his desire to sign in Los Angeles [5] last summer.

Of course, McGrady later tweeted [6], “let me clarify: the pic of me in a Lakers uni is just a repost from a follower that sent it to me, along w/ caption yes or no. #ingoodfun”

Hmm, I wonder if his agent got to him: “Ahhh, Tracy, you might not want to tip your hand about where you want to sign before teams are even able to offer you a contract. I mean, you’re a seven-time NBA All-Star who played in Detroit for an awful Pistons team last season for the veteran minimum. Just a suggestion, buddy.”

Then, as if McGrady hadn’t shunned Boston sports fans enough, he went on a Twitter rant about how the Yankees [7] are better than the Red Sox [8]


Lakers and Yankees? Suspect. And then McGrady — a Florida native — completely destroyed his credibility as a sports fan when he answered another tweet by claiming the Cowboys are his favorite football team …

Really? Your favorite football team happened to win Super Bowls when you were 12, 13 and 15; and then your favorite baseball team won World Series [10] titles when you were 17, 19, 20 and 21? Talk about a bandwagon fan. I don’t understand when people say their favorite teams are an assortment of dynasties from all over the country. Did he also root for Milan High against Hickory High in “Hoosiers” and the oil spill against the Gulf wildlife?

Of course, all this may have little bearing on where he’ll sign next season. But if McGrady receives veteran minimum offers from both the Lakers and Celtics, where do you think he’ll sign?