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Your daily Rajon Rondo update: ‘Back to School’

07.29.11 at 3:26 pm ET

According to University of Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari, Rajon Rondo will join fellow former Wildcats John Wall and Eric Bledsoe as students at the school for the upcoming fall semester should the lockout continue.

As Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones noted, Rondo & Co. could practice with their former college team as student assistant coaches should they enroll full-time (12 credit hours in a semester).

Rondo left Kentucky after his sophomore year in 2006, while both Wall and Bledsoe departed following their freshman seasons in 2010. Presumably, the Celtics point guard is a lot closer to actually achieving his college degree than his counterparts on the Wizards and Clippers. Hopefully, the NBA lockout won’t last long enough for any of them to take two or three years of classes, although all three should be commended if they actually do enroll and attend college courses.

And there better be a “Back to School” reality show based on this with Rondo going around saying stuff like, “I hereby dedicate this building to myself,” “Bring us a pitcher of beer every seven minutes until somebody passes out, and then bring one every 10 minutes” and “Why don’t you call me some time when you have no class?”

I could go on all day with Rondo in “Back to School” scenarios, but I’ll spare you. Instead, check out this Rondo impression by Harlem Globetrotter Dizzy Grant and answer the poll question below …

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(For reference, Ferrell’s amazing impression of Caray, starting at the 0:20 mark.)

In case you missed it, Rondo’s been particularly busy over the past week. On Tuesday, he told Yahoo! Sports that the Celtics let the Kendrick Perkins trade affect them too much. On Wednesday, we discovered evidence of Rondo’s healing elbow during his Las Vegas vacation. And, on Thursday, we learned he would be playing in an August 15 exhibition game against the Dominican Republic national team. I think we’ve learned more about Rondo over the past week than we did all season.

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