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10 things I heard about Celtics

Even on a slower Celtics [1] news day than normal, there’s still plenty to learn about Boston’s green men. Here are 10 C’s links of interest we discovered over the past 24 hours …

10. Jeff Green [2]‘s 26 points and last-minute 3-pointer helped seal the Nike D.C. Pro City championship in a 105-101, double-overtime victory on Sunday. Of course, his team also featured Pistons forward Greg Monroe (32 points), and their opponent was comprised of Georgetown’s incoming freshmen class.

As HoyaReport.com reported [3], “One of the best players in Pro City this summer, Green has had a penchant for playing well but not necessarily focused. He has used the league to work on his outside game and have fun. Sunday was different. It was clear he was dialed in.”

9. According to the Lawrence Journal [4], Paul Pierce [5] is among a group of former University of Kansas players that could be playing in an NBA alumni weekend exhibition game in September. The other potential players: Grizzlies [6] Darrell Arthur, Xavier Henry and Josh Selby; the Thunder’s Cole Aldrich and Nick CollisonMario Chalmers [7] (Heat); Drew Gooden [8] (Bucks); Kirk Hinrich [9] (Hawks), Darnell Jackson (Kings); Marcus Morris (Rockets); Markieff Morris (Suns); Brandon Rush (Pacers); and Julian Wright [10] (Raptors).

“It’s something we’ve talked about,” Kansas head coach Bill Self [11] told the paper. “That’s certainly something we’d consider doing. We have talked about a lot of things, and that is one of them. It’s certainly an option.”

Obviously, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo [12] has already signed for a similar exhibition game [13] between the Dominican National Team and a bunch of University of Kentucky [14] alumns (Rondo, John Wall [15], Tayshaun Prince [16], DeMarcus Cousins [17], Jodie Meeks, Nazr Mohammed, Eric Bledsoe and Keith Bogans). You can vote for Rondo as a starter for that team here [18].

8. A photographer recently captured a photo [19] of Shaquille O’Neal [20] and girlfriend Nicole Alexander. The 5-foot-2, 100-pound Hoopz really puts into perspective just how big the 7-foot-1, 325-pound former Celtics center was. Shaq’s jorts and slippers are a whole different matter. Here’s the photo:

7. In a fantastic piece [21] by former WEEI.com writer Jessica Camerato on the trials and tribulations of Marquis Daniels [22]‘ comeback attempt, we learned that Celtics teammate Kevin Garnett [23] was the calming presence in the moments after he suffered a chilling, season-ending spinal cord injury in February. Here’s what Daniels said:

“I just remember I kept hearing Kevin telling me, ‘You’€™re gonna be all right. You’€™re gonna be all right. I was like, ‘€˜I can’€˜t move.’€™ He said, ‘What do you mean?’€™ He kept telling me I was gonna be all right. I think that helped me out a lot, just hearing his voice telling me I was going to be all right. I stayed calm, I didn’€™t panic.

‘€œIt was a trying time for me. I didn’€™t take anything for granted. I was going to take everything seriously from now on.’€

After undergoing surgery for spinal stenosis — a condition that sent NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin [24] into early retirement — Daniels could participate in contact drills as soon as this month. As his agent suggested earlier this offseason, Daniels said he would “be open to coming back” to the Celtics, health withstanding.

6. Now that he’s signed a five-year, $35 million deal with the Celtics, head coach Doc Rivers [25] has given up his rented pad at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in favor of moving down Boston’s Boylston Street to a more permanent residence at the Four Seasons Hotel. According to Boston.com [26], Rivers paid $2.2 million for a 2-bed, 2.5 bath penthouse at the same hotel former Red Sox [27] slugger Manny Ramirez [28] briefly called home.

Rivers still spends the majority of the offseason in Winter Park, Fla., where Spencer Rivers — the youngest of the coach’s four children — will begin his sophomore season of high school. Spencer’s next-oldest sibling, Austin Rivers, left home to begin his freshman season at Duke University.

5. Remember the whole sex tape fiasco [29] concerning Shaq? The Los Angleles judge and prosecutors finally came to their senses and dismissed the criminal charges [30] by that music producer who accused Shaq of ordering kidnappings, murders and a frame job of someone for possession of child pornography.

“We do not have the necessary confidence in the credibility of Mr. Ross to proceed in this case,” the deputy district attorney told the Los Angeles Times. Really? What gave you that impression? Of course, Shaq will still have to deal with the civil lawsuit filed by the felon. Good times.

Meanwhile, Bobcats assistant coach Charles Oakley has now filed a countersuit [31] to the Las Vegas casino security officers’ countersuit to Oakley’s lawsuit against the Aria hotel-casino for an alleged scuffle during which current Celtics center Jermaine O’Neal [32] was present. Got all that?

4. Garnett was a guest [33] at the 2008 wedding of good friend and world No. 8 tennis player Mardy Fish to Deal or “No Deal” model Stacey Gardner. Born in Minnesota, Fish is apparently a big fan of the Timberwolves [34], KG’s former team. No clue how the two met, though.

This must be why Garnett was recently spotted taking time out of his Las Vegas workouts [35] — with Tayshaun Prince, Chauncey Billups [36] and Rudy Gay [37] among others — to catch a match during Fish’s run to the Farmers Classic final in Garnett’s hometown of Los Angeles.

(Notice that’s now two Celtics — Rondo and Garnett — who will be closely connected to free agent Tayshaun Prince this summer. Food for thought, considering he’s a potential Celtics target [38].)

3. Both Rivers and Garnett were members of the recently announced inaugural induction class [39] for the Illinois High School Basketball Hall of Fame. Rivers graduated from Proviso East (Maywood, Ill.) High in 1980, and Garnett graduated from Farragut Career (Chicago, Ill.) Academy in 1995. The induction class was of course announced by Hall of Fame Museum executive director Dick Corn. Yup, Dick Corn.

2. As members of the 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team, Celtics legend Larry Bird [40] and then-Warriors sharpshooter Chris Mullin apparently conducted a one-on-one shooting contest for $100 per shot. Here are the details from the San Francisco Chronicle [41]:

“It was just basic shots — jumpers, bank shots, not like the McDonald’s commercial (laughter),” Mullin said. “I got off nice. After a while I had him by … quite a bit.”

Like, how much — a grand?

“More than that. I think I was up like 20 shots. So we’re talkin’ back and forth (Bird was a legendary trash talker), and he starts coming back. I’m thinking, we could go another 30 minutes. Somebody’s gonna win big here.

“Finally, he gets it back to zero,” Mullin said, “and he goes, ‘I’m out.’ Just cut off the game right there.”

What, he didn’t want to take you down?

“Nope. Says to me, ‘I ain’t never lost, and I ain’t … now.'”

1. KG’s beatboxing skills are pretty damn good. I mean, he’s no Human Beat Box from the Fat Boys [42], but still — not too shabby. Now excuse me while I make this my new ringtone …